Until we fall
by Te
February 17, 2011

Disclaimers: No one and nothing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: You know, there might be a mention of something in here that you haven't heard of, but -- I doubt it. Takes place about a year into Jason's term as Robin.

Summary: "I need not be painfully creepy at all times."

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails neatly with the content some readers may find disturbing.

Author's Note: Karen offered a porn exchange. This isn't quite what she wanted, but I tried my best. :D

Acknowledgments: To Mildred and Karen for audiencing and encouragement. And just a little payment on account to SV, who makes those wonderful noises.


It's the first time Jason's woken up in this bed without Bruce most of the way on *top* of him --

So maybe it's time to celebrate. A little.

First, by easing out of the bed and going to piss *before* his back teeth are floating -- and sometimes he thinks Bruce is a fucking *camel*, but whatever.

Second, by double-checking to make sure Bruce is still asleep -- he is. He doesn't even seem to have noticed that his handy-dandy Jason-shaped fucktoy is missing --

Not that Bruce would have clue one what to do with a fucktoy --

Not that Bruce could ever *see* Jason as --

("I need you --"

"*Bruce* --"

"*Please*, Jay --"

"Just do it, just do me --"

"My *love* --")

So the third act of celebration mostly involves the luxury of shivering *without* immediately getting clutched, rubbed, kissed, *held* --

Except that maybe Jason is already on the way back to the bed, back to where it's warm and --

Not safe.

Not even a little bit safe.

Jason closes his eyes, takes a deep -- and *quiet* -- breath, and smiles ruefully in an attempt to chase a few ghosts away. Bruce is *asleep*, and as much of a sleep-debt as Jason's racking up, Bruce's is ridiculous.

That's *why* Alfred lets the guy sleep with the curtains closed when Jason has to deal with God's motherfucking *flashlight* all the time, and -- yeah.

Maybe -- just maybe -- Bruce will get something close to eight hours tonight.



Maybe even while Jason goes for act *four* of the celebration -- and checks this room *out* a little.

Just -- he already knew that those two huge and out-of-place armoires belonged to Bruce's parents, but he's never actually looked *inside* them. And maybe --

It's not like it's *really* trespassing or anything. Bruce wears his parents on his sleeve more than he wears his *heart* there, and --

("I always -- I would share everything with you, Jay.")


*That*, because, you know, you can't *hear* things like that without feeling guilty for *not* asking more questions. More really *personal* questions, even.

And, you know, it isn't that he's absolutely sure he *wants* to know everything about Bruce's relationship with the dead and fucking *sainted* Waynes --

The people whose death led to *his* being here --

Jason swallows and squeezes his eyes shut a little --

Bruce makes a small sound in his *sleep* --

And Jason's heart seizes for it, just like Bruce waking up to find Jason feeling up his father's armoire would lead to anything but --

Warmth. Talking. Body-to-body *goodness* --

Jason swallows again and scans Bruce hard and thoroughly. He's *frowning* in his sleep, but he *is* still sleeping.

He just has his hand right where Jason's chest was.

Should be.


God, *Bruce* --

But he wants to have more questions to ask. More --

Something like --

He wants more questions to ask that don't have one damned thing to do with the questions he has no intention of *ever* asking. The ones which come right down to wondering how a guy like Bruce --

A good, loving, smart, open, *good* guy like Bruce --

"Why me," Jason whispers -- fucking *breathes*.

Jason is gonna be fourteen soon, and there's no amount of 'big for his age' *bullshit* that can go for --

That can *explain* --

Jason squeezes his eyes shut and shakes himself like a dog. He's already had this argument with himself. Just -- a bunch of fucking times even. If he's not gonna tell Bruce to stop --

If he's not gonna be *able* to stop *climbing* Bruce every fucking day --

And the way his hands feel, the way --

Big fucking hands. Big, strong, *gentle* hands, but they don't have to be, and it's so damned *good* when they're not --

Jason swallows back a moan and ignores the needy fucking twitch of his damned cock. He's *not* gonna tell Bruce to stop. He's *not* gonna stop climbing him -- he can't. So...

So he's not thinking about it.

Or what made it happen.

Or whether there were other --

Other --

And then there had been *that* conversation with Roy, not Dick, because Roy doesn't ever look at Jason like he's living the life he wants more than anything, because Roy never hugs Jason so tightly that he wonders if he's gonna be able to get *free* --

("Oh, little wing... while you're here? You're *all* mine.")

And yeah, *that's* something, because it's not like Dick is that much older and it *is* like Dick wants a piece --

It's just that sometimes Jason thinks that Dick wants a piece of something that belongs to Bruce more than he wants a piece of Jason. So --

*That* conversation with Roy, and *only* with Roy, and Roy is a damned good guy, and a damned *smart* guy, and so he'd known --

("You're asking me if they ever hooked up. That's what you really wanna know, right?" )

And Jason had blown out a breath and slumped against a damned wall, because --

("Heh, yeah, it *is* exactly that hard to ask the question -- and you're not the first one to ask *me*."

"God, that's -- uh. Fucked?")

And Roy had grinned this grin that was half old and *all* heavy and leaned against his own patch of wall --

("Dick is my brother, Jaybird. I'll pay this to keep him. And -- the answer is no."

"Okay. Okay, then --"

"It's just that they've been making love -- and having sex -- and fucking like *animals* -- in their heads for so damned long that it *almost* doesn't make a difference."



And then there'd been a lot of beer -- *just* enough to make Jason *stop* thinking about that --

And then there'd been Roy's slow and sleepy and *different* old smile --

And Roy's calluses were in all the wrong *places* --

And Roy had felt so good, so *fucking* good --

("It's okay, Jaybird. We're *always* gonna be right here."

"Not -- not *mine* --"

"Yeah it is. Trust me. Here..."

"*Fuck* --"

"Anytime, anywhere...")

And *Bruce* --

God, Bruce had taken one look at him when he'd gotten home --

Bruce had clenched his *fists*, and there had been a moment --

A long, hot, and fucking *dark* moment, and Jason had wondered if *this* was what had gotten Bruce to give up on Dick --

Or what had gotten Dick to give up on *Bruce*, and, yeah, that's a question he doesn't wanna ask *either*, but.

("Jay... please.")

And that was it, that was everything, that was Jason dropping his damned helmet on the ground --

("You --"

"Don't, B, don't *sound* like that --"

"As though I need you? As though I've needed you for hours and days --"

"*Bruce* --"

"My love. I needed you before I ever. Before I ever saw your face.")

So maybe he doesn't go up to New York so much.

And maybe he's standing here flushing and blushing and fucking --

Half-hard. *Just* half-hard. For now. Jason turns to look back over his shoulder --

Bruce is most of the way over to Jason's side of the bed, and his forehead is -- he's frowning a lot harder. He knows. He fucking knows, and he's not supposed to --

("We are always alone when we sleep, Jay --"

"*No*, B. Not -- it doesn't have to be that way."

"Are you sure?")

He's always supposed to be there for Bruce, at least until he wakes up and -- fucking *carries* Jason back to his own bed --

The bed that doesn't smell right, the bed that's too *cold* --

("I shouldn't. We shouldn't. Jay, I --"

"Just a little longer, B, *please* --"

"Don't -- I'll deny you *nothing* --")

Jason shivers and fucking *strokes* the damned armoire --

He doesn't *care* about the armoire --

But he also does. One question. One thing to *justify* crawling out of that big, warm bed, away from the man who loves him.

Maybe --

Maybe loves him more than anyone else ever has. Jason licks his lips and opens the damned thing --

Empty. No clothes, no shoes, no little *hat* boxes or -- anything. Damn. Jason checks the first drawer -- nothing.

Second -- nothing.

Third -- *nothing*.

Fourth --

"What the *shit* --"

"Hm. I was wondering if you would keep looking."

"*Gah* --" But Bruce's hands are on his shoulders, steady and soothing and squeezing gently. "Bruce --"

"I'm sorry," Bruce says, and crouches behind and beside him. "I often forget --"

"To walk like an actual noise-making *human*?"

Bruce smiles, soft and bright and *happy*, just like waking up to an empty bed and Jason bitching is the best thing ever.

Damn it. Jason punches his shoulder and points to the drawer.


"*Bruce* --"

"You are, perhaps, wondering about the sex toys."

Jason squeezes his eyes shut and counts to fucking ten --

And Bruce strokes Jason's cheek. "They didn't belong to my father."

Jason --

Jason thinks the look on his face could really -- "B... I..."


"That really wasn't the question I was going to ask."

"All right."

Jason sighs and pulls out the riding crop, smacking his palm with it a few times and remembering his mother's old dominatrix friend Junie -- Mistress June to her clients. She'd tried really hard to get his mother into *that* game, but by the time his mother was ready to consider it, she was also... really sick.


Jason squeezes his eyes shut again --

Bruce cups his *shoulders* again --

"I'm all right, B --"

"We don't have to -- nothing which makes you uncomfortable, Jay."

"No, that's not --" Jason frowns and shakes his head, looking the crop over for signs of use and not really seeing any -- fuck it. "Do you -- did you ever use this?"

"With my ex-lover Silver St. Cloud. Once."

Okay, that --

She's fucking *smoking* hot. An honest to fuck *supermodel* -- wait.

"Which --"

"She used it on me. She couldn't -- quite -- stop herself from giggling uncontrollably."

"Yeah, you can't really... isn't her skin insured with Boyd's?"

"Yes. For quite an impressive sum of money. Jay..."

"Uh. Wait," Jason says, and doesn't look up. He doesn't have to -- he can *feel* Bruce leaning closer, *wanting* closer, or --

Needing it maybe?

"Just -- wait a sec," and he licks his lips and pulls out -- anal beads. Still in their original box --

"All right," and Bruce's voice is only a *little* heavy and thick, so -- so.


"Yes, Jay."

"*Why* do you keep them in your Dad's armoire?" And he turns to look --

Bruce is smiling that *wry* smile. The one that makes him look *exactly* like a guy in his late thirties.

Like an incredibly *hot* guy in his late thirties, one who --

("Jay, I'm *yours* --")

God. Fuck. "Uh. Help?"

Bruce cups Jason's face. "Did you sleep well?"

Jason blinks. "Uh. What? I mean -- yeah, I did."

Bruce nods and stares at him --

Fucking *reads* him like a *book*, and Jason *knows* Bruce can see everything, knows that he *knows* everything, so why does he even --

"Jay... please tell me what's wrong."

*That*. Right there -- Jason shakes his head and sets the anal beads down, picking up some really long feathers that actually *feel* like feathers, weird and alien and just a little oily. "You can't ever use these on me, B."

"All right. But --"

"Answer my question first?"

Bruce raises an eyebrow. "You can't guess?"

"B, I can't even guess what *time* it is in here. *Ever*."

Bruce flares his nostrils and nods. "You've mentioned your sense that this room is... outside of time."

"I didn't --"

"Are you saying that wasn't what you meant by 'freaking box on the other side of time and freaking space?'"

"First of all, I didn't say *freaking* --"

Bruce hums and strokes Jason's lower lip. "I would have all of our home feel that way to you. I would have... a space solely for the two of us."

"Aw, B --"

"No one -- no one -- ever looks in the armoires once I tell them who they belonged to."

"Uh... hunh. Seriously?"

Bruce raises an eyebrow. "About the same number of people examine these armoires as try to, as an example, steal the tires off the Batman's cars."

Jason coughs. Just -- into his fist a little. "Got it."

Bruce smiles and studies him a little more. "You are... unique."

"But -- okay, what about Silver? I mean, she had to see where you took the crop *from*."

"She... gave me something of a look."

"A -- wait."


Jason stares at Bruce a little. "You'd already *told* her that it was your Dad's, hadn't you?"

"Oh, yes."

Jason snorts and punches Bruce again. "Freak."

"As you say," and Bruce strokes the knuckles of the hand Jason still has on the drawer.

"Yeah, B?"

"Are you... interested? In any of the toys, I mean."

Jason licks his lips and studies Bruce a little, but there's no sign of, like, burning desire or anything. Not even that desperate, blinding fucking *hope* that's showed up in Bruce's eyes every time Jason suggested they try something new. That --

That was a while ago, actually, and --

None of this had come up. *None* of it. Not even the funky little leather cuffs which are obviously made for a woman -- or a boy. Jason licks his lips and picks *those* up, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes, Jay? We could -- anything. Anything you wish."

"Yeah, but do *you* -- uh. Wish?"

Bruce's smile is actually a little -- private. Not secretive and not dark or anything, just --

"What's that for?"

"Nothing, I -- no," Bruce says, looking up again with that wry look *right* back on his face. "I can't help wondering how I'll feel on the day I *do* manage to convince you that there is nothing -- nothing at all -- I would not enjoy trying with you."

And Jason -- makes a little sound. Just -- something between a moan and a damned *squeak* --


"You -- you always fucking *get* me, Bruce."

"Is that... a cause for anger?"

"*No*," Jason says, and gives Bruce a little shove before just staring at him a little. "C'mon, you gotta -- something."


"You have to -- not --" Jason shakes his head. "I don't know what I'm trying to say here, but it's *important*, B!"

Bruce cups Jason's face with both hands. "Beautiful boy. I..." Bruce leans in and nuzzles Jason's mouth, doing it careful the way he always does, the way Jason *hates*, because he fucking well *wants* that stubble, and never mind the way the stubble *burn* looks in broad daylight --

In *school* -- "Bruce --"

"Perhaps... perhaps I'm being too florid for this time of day. Too... purple?"

"What time *is* it?"

"Approximately eight-thirty. You should sleep longer."

"I have -- wait, it's Saturday."

"Yes," Bruce says, and licks Jason's mouth. Just -- upper lip, then lower lip, then just a little between --

Jason moans --

Bruce tightens his *grip*. "Jay --"

"I -- I -- wait. I'm not... done."

Bruce exhales just a little shakily. Just --

"Fuck, you sound like I've been teasing you for half an *hour*, B."

"Haven't you?"


Bruce laughs softly and kisses Jason even more softly than that. "Forgive me. I was dreaming of you," he says, pulling back and dropping to sit on his heels with his huge fucking hands on his huge fucking thighs.

And that --

God, he just doesn't stop being *hot* -- wait.

Wait. "You were -- it wasn't a nightmare?"

Bruce smiles ruefully. "I... we weren't making love."

"But --"

"You hadn't chosen to leave me, no. It wasn't a nightmare."

Because that's the only kind of bad dream you could have about me, B? *Really*? No, leave it. "So -- what was I doing? Teasing you?"

Bruce -- parts his lips. Not 'opens his mouth,' because that's normal and fine. Bruce parts his *lips*, just the way he does when he's about to try to suck Jason's cock a few inches longer.


"You were... making love with someone else."

"Uh. Seriously? I mean -- who?"

Bruce strokes his own thighs --

Jason *stares* --


Jason looks *up* -- checks the drawer --

Okay, dildos are normal. There are a *lot* of them, but they're all different sizes, and --

And Bruce's hand is wrapped -- gently -- around Jason's wrist. Just --


"You've never. Will you tell me who you make love with when you visit the Tower?"

Jason licks his lips and gets his free hand around the fat, black dildo that's *almost* as long as Bruce -- "You never. You never ask that question."

"Should I -- please."

Jason closes his eyes and just -- "Roy. Donna. And -- Kory. Once. When Dick was on a mission with Donna. I don't know if she -- well, no, she totally told him --"

"Did you... do you enjoy them?" And his hand is still *gentle*, but it's shaking a little.

Jason drops the dildo and picks up the cane --

"If you used that on me, I would almost certainly... lose a great deal of my control," Bruce says, and that was *almost* calm and matter-of-fact, but --

"What happens if you use it on *me*?"

Bruce grunts. "You are -- I don't want to hurt you --"

"You know I like it -- wait. You said you'd do *anything* --"

"Of course. If you wanted -- look at me. Please," Bruce says, and *squeezes* Jason's wrist.

Jason drops the cane and turns -- and *now* those eyes are full of burning hunger. Not as much as they *can* be, but definitely some. Jason licks his lips --

Watches Bruce narrow his eyes as he stares at Jason's mouth --

"Bruce --"

"I will never -- you must make love with whomever you wish, whenever you wish."

"But --"

"You must. You must never allow my *greed* for you to dictate --" Bruce licks his own lips and shakes his head. "Please. Please say you understand."

Jason frowns --


"But -- Bruce, you go *nuts* --"

"And that is no reason for you --" Bruce shakes his head again. "Please. In my dream... in my dream you were with Dick."

Jason swallows. "Uh. I've never -- I mean -- you know what I mean. Right?"

Bruce smiles ruefully and nods. "I haven't... I should have made it easier for the two of you to come to know each other --"

"Hey, you always make sure we have time together, and -- uh. C'mon, it's not --"

"You were beautiful," Bruce says, and reaches out to cup Jason's chin. "I know you desire him."

"What -- I -- I'm *human*, B --"

And Bruce laughs again. "Yes. Yes, and so am I."

And there goes his heart just -- "So... you want a threesome? Or --"

Except that there's no 'or,' because suddenly his thighs just *are* spread over Bruce's lap and Bruce is kissing him like the tease had been going on for two *hours*, or --

Or something. It's a kiss like the first one, which had come after Bruce had thrown him and pinned him and *groaned* --

("Bruce? What's wrong? Are you --"

"I *need* --")

And it's *just* like the first one, because Jason thinks it's gonna *teach* him something, or --

Show him a new way to *look* at Bruce, a new way to see those smiles, hear those laughs, feel those *touches* --

Loves him, Bruce *loves* him, and he can damned well say it with his lips, his tongue, his *teeth* on *Jason's* lips --

"Please --"

And then Jason's on his *back*, but Bruce is still kissing him, still *doing* his mouth like it's the only thing he could ever want, like it's the only thing he could *have*. Bruce is moaning and feeling him, feeling him up --

Bruce is kissing Jason all over his *face* --

Bruce is panting against Jason's *ear* --

"B --"

"I wish -- sometimes it seems as though I could say anything so long as I could whisper it into your ear."

What? "Uh. You *can* tell me anything. We -- we're partners."

"No more than that?"

"B --"

Bruce laughs again and kisses his ear, and his cheek, and his *eyelids* --

"*Bruce* --"

"I'm sorry," Bruce says, and cups Jason's cheeks. "Look at me?"

"Are you gonna kiss my damned *eyes* again?"

Bruce hums. "I'm afraid that's a risk you're going to have to take, Jay."

Jason snorts and opens his eyes, tugging his hands out of Bruce's hair --

He doesn't remember shoving his hands *into* Bruce's hair --

Jason smacks the back of his head a little. "So that was a yes to the threesome idea? I mean -- Kory says he's not hooking up with *anyone* else these days."

"I don't think..." Bruce smiles ruefully. "I desire him powerfully, Jay --"

"Well, *yeah* --"

"But I don't think I could ever ask that of him."

Jason frowns. "Why not?"

"I..." Bruce shakes his head. "We didn't part on the best of terms."

"So -- apologize. Or tell *him* to apologize. Or -- whatever," but -- he doesn't wanna know. He doesn't --

Bruce searches him just a little darkly. "You've never asked why Dick and I are no longer partners."

"No, I... no. That's --" Jason pushes a little with his hands. "That's your business. I mean, I know it fucks Dick up a little, and I know you *miss* Dick --"

"Very. Very much, at times," and Bruce strokes a lock of Jason's hair off his forehead, ignoring the five other locks that are right fucking there, because between all the fucking and patrolling and *napping* -- not sleeping -- Jason hasn't picked up his brush in...

Kind of a while. Heh. "It's okay, you know. Everyone knows you two love each other."

Bruce frowns and strokes Jason's cheek *lightly*. Just -- like *air*. "Is it... it would be too much to ask him to love me still --"

"Aw, Bruce, come *on* --"

But Bruce covers Jason's mouth with his fingers and smiles ruefully. "I hurt him badly, Jay. I... I treated him as if he were neither my partner nor my love."

Jason frowns.

"I will never..." Bruce swallows, and his hands *shake* -- "I will never treat you that way. I promise you. I -- I am not *wise*, but I am capable of learning from my mistakes --"

Jason bites Bruce's fingers.

"Hm. Yes?"

Jason digs *in* with his teeth.


"You can fucking apologize. And so can *he* for doing whatever it was that *made* you --"

"He did nothing wrong," Bruce says, and seems to be *willing* Jason to believe it.

Jason frowns. "I -- look, I know you love him, but you're a good *guy*, B --"

"Have I never shown you my hunger? My darkness and greed?"

"You show me that all the *time*. And then you shove your cock somewhere interesting and it's all better."

Bruce -- swallows. And looks... he actually looks kind of *distressed*.


Bruce *pants*. "Jay... Jay, I can't -- I don't know how to make you see me as I truly am. It seemed -- you seemed to in the beginning --"

"When I was calling you sixteen kinds of pedo and trying and failing to kick your ass?"

"And attempting to stab me. I..." Bruce smiles ruefully. "I'm not sure I'll be able to cease taking advantage of your warmer opinions, but I feel I must --"

Jason smacks him.

"Or... not? Jay --"

"Look, I'm not gonna -- jump all over you about your past and shit. I mean, that would be shooting myself in the *cock* --"

"I'll never. I'll never let you go."

Jason's *heart* seizes -- "Uh. B?"

"I mean. Of course. I'll never stand in your way with your other lovers. Arsenal -- Roy Harper has been a good friend to this family --"

"But you'll never let me go?"

"I..." Bruce squeezes his eyes shut and shuffles back enough that he can rest his head on Jason's chest, which --

Yeah, he *is* getting bigger every day with Al's food and Bruce's *training*, but this still makes him feel fucking *tiny*. Jason strokes Bruce's hair and squeezes him a little. "It's okay --"

"Is it?"

"Well, you're not using the restraints to keep me chained up in the study all day and night, so -- yeah."

Bruce laughs and it sounds fucking *painful*, but --

"That's better. *Look* at me, B --"

"I would look at you every moment of every --" Bruce kisses Jason over his sternum and *then* looks up. "What if I kept you chained in here?"

Heh. Jason makes a show of thinking about it. "Less *brown* than the study. That's good."


"And -- there's that bed. I like the bed."

"It's not... too firm?"

Jason grins. "I *like* firm, B. Thought you'd noticed."

Bruce's grin is *delighted* -- and maybe just a little demented before he takes a deep breath and *visibly* calms himself. "Jay... please don't hesitate to make love to those who... who move you."

"B --"

"And never make love with me if you wish to do something else."

Jason frowns. "Bruce, where is this even -- I mean, is it just your dream? What was I *doing* with Dick?"

"Shall I show you?"

"B --"

"You were allowing him to hold you in his lap," Bruce says, lifting him again, and spreading his legs over *one* thigh."

"Jesus, you're fast -- uh. Was I riding him a little?"

Bruce stares at Jason's mouth and licks his lips. "You were kissing him," and he leans in and kisses softly *and* bitingly --

"Oh -- oh, yeah, that's good. That's --" Roy. "Uh. Wait," Jason says, pulling back --

But Bruce is *gripping* his hair.

"B --"

"Roy. I watched him with Dick. I've seen..." Bruce licks his lips. "Please?"

"Did either of them --"

"They didn't notice me. I didn't -- stay. Not for very long," and there's a *plea* in Bruce's eyes --

He *wants* this --

Jason nods and leans in for more Roy-kisses, preparing himself a little --

Because it never takes long before Roy pulls out *this* kiss, the one that's fucking -- zero to sixty. Just --

Open-mouthed and somehow bigger than other kisses, wetter and *dirtier* -- though that could be the way Bruce's thumb is pulling Jason's mouth out of true, the way Bruce is fucking Jason's mouth just slowly enough to make it *obvious* that he *could* be tongue-fucking his ass --

And sticking his thumb up *there* --

Jason groans and tries to get more, tries to --

God, it's *Bruce* doing this, Bruce *remembering* this and *sharing* this --

Jason pulls back and sucks Bruce's thumb, goes down on it a little --

And Bruce -- pants. Just once. "That. You did that. To Dick, I mean."

And Dick -- God, Dick has those *long* fingers, those -- he can bend his fingers the way he can bend the *rest* of his body, and even when he's just using that to *tickle* Jason --

Jason sucks a little harder and looks at Bruce from under his lashes --

"He laughed. Dick -- I can't remember what he said to you, or even whether there were actual words spoken. You nodded."

Jason nods and *slurps* a little --

Bruce *grunts* -- "My love. We don't have to --" Bruce shudders and shakes his head. "The dream shifted. You were on a bed. An unfamiliar one, but I knew you were still in the manor," and Bruce lifts Jason up and carries him to the bed --

The sex toy drawer is still *open* --

And Bruce kisses Jason's cheekbone. "I'll tell you everything. I promise you."

"Yeah, okay --"

And then he just *is* on the bed on his back --

"He flipped you over --"

"*Fuck* --"

"You laughed again. You were... enjoying him," Bruce says, and spreads Jason's legs what feels a *precise* distance apart.

"I always -- uh. He's fun. Most of the time."

"He cares for you deeply," and Bruce kisses his way down Jason's back, lingering at the base of his fucking spine. "He breathed against you here."

"Nnh -- uh. Did I squirm?"

"You mocked him. You -- did a push-up solely to switch your hips."

"Heh, good one," Jason says, and does just that. "Like -- ohfuck --"

"He tasted you..." Bruce swallows and groans. "He tasted you for a long time."

"B -- Bruce -- does he even *do* that?"

Bruce spreads him just a little wider. "I don't know," he says, in *that* tone --

"B, what did we say about you *staring at my fucking hole*?"

"That I should... keep it to a minimum."

"Right, and --"

"Jay," Bruce says, and it sounds like "beautiful," but it also sounds like "my son," and that --

Jason shivers. "God, B, just -- do it or don't --" And then *he's* groaning, because yeah, it's been *days* since Bruce has tongued him this way, so he was totally due. Just --

In. And in. And *in*, and it doesn't matter how much he curses or how much he writhes or how much he *kicks* --

"Bruce -- fucking *Bruce* --"

Bruce moans and *kisses* him, flicks his tongue around and just --

It *also* doesn't fucking matter how much he blushes and whimpers and beats at the fucking *bed*, but --

"*Please* --"

Bruce grunts and tightens his grip on Jason's hips --

"C'mon, c'mon, *please* --"

Bruce shoves him down against the bed and -- fucks him. Fucks him and fucks him --

Jason shouts and kicks and bangs his head against the bed --

Bruce is growling *and* panting --

"Bruce, *please*!"

Bruce pulls back with a *snarling* growl --

"Oh, God -- fuck --"

"Not enough. Not *enough* --"

"I'm sorry --"

"No, *don't*," Bruce says, and bites Jason's fucking *shoulder* --

"*Fuck*, B --"

"No, I -- I'm sorry. It's only --"

"The dream, tell me the *dream* --"

"You moaned and writhed for Dick's touches -- you."

"I -- let him do me that way longer than I let you?"

Bruce's hands *shudder* on Jason's hips. "Jay..."

"I wouldn't -- I mean. I wouldn't let anyone else do it for longer," Jason says, and tries to turn enough to *see* Bruce --

And then Bruce is cupping the back of Jason's head and stroking gently, *soothingly*.


"I thought. I've thought Roy would... take this."

"Uh. I mean. He asked me if he could, yeah. Could you --"


Jason shivers and rocks his hips against the bed a little, just -- "Love your *voice* --"

"All of me is yours," Bruce says, and starts kissing Jason's back, starts *biting*. Not vicious, not rough, but still *hard*. Just --

God, just like Jason *loves* it --

"Please, Jay. *Ask*."

"You -- fuck, you're doin' it --"

"This," and Bruce bites him over his right shoulder blade, increases the pressure slowly and fucking -- he loves this word -- *inexorably*.

Jason moans and humps the bed a little more. "Yeah, just -- oh, *fuck* --"

"Did he -- no. You didn't let him."

Jason licks his lips. "Yours."

"*Jay* --"

"It's *yours*, all right -- oh, Jesus right up my fucking *spine* --"

Bruce pants against the back of his neck -- "Jay. You mustn't --"

"*Yours*, damn it --"

"*Jay* --"

"Only you. *Only* you get to take me over like that -- ohn -- oh, fuck, B, *bite* --"

"I can't mark your throat --"

"*Do* it --"

And then there's a big, hard hand in his hair and another one making his bicep feel small and *warm* --

And Bruce is biting him like a damned vampire, growling and licking and sucking and *biting* --

"Bruce -- *Bruce* --"

Nodding and doing it *harder* --

Jason shudders and *whines* -- and Bruce thrusts against Jason's legs. He's slick and hard and *slick* --

He's sucking over and over the bite, kissing and biting and making it bigger --

"*Fuck* me, you gotta *fuck* me --"

Bruce pulls back and pants, kisses Jason's cheek and pants --

Flips Jason onto his back --

And this kiss *should* be too fucking *musky* -- to use Bruce's word -- to be good, but it isn't. It *never* is, because Bruce is making love to Jason's mouth like he's never made love to anyone else, like he's never *wanted* anyone else the way he wants Jason.

Jason whimpers and grips him and tries to give it back, tries to find some way to say yes, and more, and me, too, and all of those other things that make Bruce *happy* and crazy, make him smile and laugh and --

And then Bruce is kissing his way down Jason's chest, sucking and biting on his nipples --

"*Please* --"


Jason *bucks* for that --

"If I could make you feel the way I do, *need* the way I do --"

"I *do*, Bruce, you *know* I do --"

"It *aches*, Jay --"

"I feel you, I *need* you -- *mm* --"

Kissed again, and this time Bruce doesn't close his eyes, this time Bruce stares into him like he can feed on Jason *that* way, too, like Jason is the meal that's been fucking *taunting* him --

Jason shoves him back. "Get me open and *fuck* me!"

"*Jay* -- you wanted -- you were *curious* --"

"You need me too much --"

"I *do* --"

"I don't want you to stop. I don't --" Jason squeezes his eyes shut and bangs his head back against the bed. "It would hurt. More than this. More than you."

And those are Bruce's shaking fingers on his mouth --

That's a kiss too soft and *light* to be fucking *believed* --

"*Bruce* -- *hnh* -- okay, my legs *do* go good on your shoulder -- oh, Jesus, holding my fucking *ankles* together --"

"You -- like this --"

"Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Roy -- wait, is it *good* for you to hear what I did with other people?"

Bruce shudders like he's *sick* -- "Everything."

"Are you --"

"I'm sure," and Bruce sucks his *toes*, licks them and bites the pads and moans like he's losing his *mind*.

"Jesus, you --"


"Yeah, okay, sure, uh -- Roy held my ankles like you're doing --"

"His hands are... smaller?"

"Yeah. He needed both hands. Yeah, uh." Jason licks his lips. "He's strong. Archer-strong. He lifted --"

And Bruce *grips* Jason's ankles and lifts them up *high* until Jason is resting on his damned shoulder blades. "Like this."

"He --" Jason groans and *grips* himself --

"Oh. Jay. Stroke?"

"Yeah, yeah, he did that -- not so fucking *high* -- no, don't lower me, God, fuck, *Batman* --"


"Every fucking time you *call* me that --" Jason shakes his head and gives himself the tossing stroke that always makes Bruce --


And now Bruce is stroking himself, going over and over that huge, fat, *slick* cock until his fingers are --

Oh, Jesus, *yes* --

"In me, B, *in* me --"

"We need --"

"Get the lube *later* -- *hnh*, oh, yeah, that fucking *burn* --"

"Jay --"

"God, Bruce, and you can just *hold* me like this while you're --" Jason shakes his head and breathes, tries to just *feel* --

"Do you *like* --"

"I love it, I fucking *love* it, you can hold me *up* --"

"My -- strength. You." Bruce swallows and -- "Look at me."

"Please. Please --"

"*Look* at me."

Jason grunts and opens his eyes, *tries* to focus, but Jesus it's so --

It's always so good, always so --

*Especially* when there's no lube but Bruce's pre-come or his own --

Bruce's fucking *spit* --

"*Jay* --"

"Do it, fucking do it --"

"*Please*, Jay --"

Jason clenches hard, cries *out* -- but he can see Bruce, he can see the way Bruce is staring, the way Bruce is *needing* at him --

"Oh -- the need in your beautiful eyes..."

"You -- *yours* --"

And Bruce licks his lips and nods slowly. "Anything, Jay. And everything."

"Yeah, yeah -- *fuck* -- doin' me, you --"

"*Taking* you --"

"*Fucking* me, and one day you'll fucking *say* it --"

And Bruce's laugh opens up something inside him, makes him feel just as loose and easy as anything, anyone --

Bruce is *working* his fingers inside him, making two fingers feel like *four*, making Jason feel open and rough and raw and ready, and God -- he wants to spread his legs, wants to bend over, wants -- "Wanna fucking *crawl* --"

"Never --"

"Beg for you, beg for your fucking *cock* --"

"You never --"

"*Now* get the lube -- oh, *Jesus* --"

And Bruce is *dragging* him around the edge of the bed by his ankles until they're by the bedside table. That --

"Fucking -- I'm not *portable*!"

"I beg to differ," Bruce says, and then bites the *fuck* out of Jason's *heel* --

"Nnh --"

Bruce pulls out slow and easy, slow and *careful* -- and then he tosses Jason the little bottle of lube Jason's pretty sure he came up with the formula for *himself*, and yeah, yeah --

"Love slicking you *up* for me --"

"Be... quick," Bruce says, and yeah, he's got *that* look on his face, the one that says that he *might* blink *eventually* but not while *Jason* is paying attention.

"I got you, B. Don't fucking *wait*," Jason says, dumping on slick and just *jacking* his fingers twice --

"Do you want --"

"Fingers, then *cock* --"

"Shall I --"

"Prep me *enough*, and that's it."

And Bruce smiles that horny fucking predator smile, that smile that makes him look the *wrong* side of demented -- "My *love*."

"Lemme *spread* --"

"No," Bruce says, and *shoves* in with two --

"Aw, *fuck* --"

"*Yes*," and Bruce lifts Jason's ankles *higher*, holds him up like Jay's one-forty is *nothing*, fucking *air* --

But that doesn't matter. That doesn't even --

Bruce's fingers are so long, so fucking thick and *long* --

Bruce fingers are slick and long and perfect, and Jason wants to tell him, wants to *yell* it, but opening his mouth just means that he's groaning, moaning and shouting --

Trying and failing to spread his *legs* --

One word, just -- he has to be able to say one *word*, one thing to fucking *share* how perfect it is when Bruce is doing him, when Bruce is filling him up in *preparation* for filling him *up* --

"*Please*!" Yeah, okay, that's a word, that --

"Yes, *please*, Jay," and Bruce is *burning* down at him, *twisting* his fingers --

"Nuh -- you --"

"*Say* it."

"*Fuck* me, *fuck* me --"

"*Now*," Bruce says, and Jason has just enough time to wonder if he *was* really ready before Bruce is nudging at his hole with his cock, before Bruce is staring down at him like --

"I'm not everything you *want* -- uh --"

"At times like these, that is a very, very difficult thing to remember. I love you," and he pushes in --

And in --

In so *deep* and Jason's moaning for it, clutching at the rumpled sheets and wondering if this'll be the day Alfred remembers that Bruce is committing a felony --

Or maybe if it's the day when Bruce'll forget to be careful --

Or maybe --

*Definitely* it's the day when Bruce pushes right up into his fucking *lungs* --

"*Bruce* --"

"*Take* me."

"*Please* --"

"*Yes*," and Bruce spreads Jason's legs, yanks them down to his *hips* --

"Oh, please please --"

"I will give you -- give you *all* of me --"

"Yeah, I -- *fuck* --" And he's getting *lifted* --

Bruce is dragging him right off the bed and into his arms and gravity shoves Bruce *in* more --

"Oh my fucking --"

"Hold *on*, Jay --"

"Fuck, *yeah*," and Jason grabs Bruce's shoulders and *locks* his legs around Bruce's hips --

"Perfect partner. Perfect *love*," and Bruce kisses him *hard* --

And fucks him even harder. One thrust after another after *another*, and Bruce is *hauling* Jason onto his cock, making Jason *scream* into his mouth --

"*More* --"

"*Bruce*, Bruce, it fucking *hurts* --"

"Do you --"

"I *love* it, don't stop, don't you fucking --" And the rest of that is *another* scream, because Bruce is biting his ear, *panting* into his ear even as he fucking *reams* --

"So big, so fucking *hot* --"

"I -- I *need* you --"

"Yours, you got me, I won't -- I won't *go* anywhere --"

And Bruce cries *out* --

And then he's holding Jason up with *one* hand and jerking him off with the other --

"*Jesus* fucking --"

"Again --"

"Yours --"

"*No* --"

"I won't go, I won't -- oh, fuck, Bruce, put me *down* and do this --"


"*Hnh* -- oh -- oh, God, just -- *Batman* --"

"*Take* this, Robin," Batman says, and he's not blinking, and he's showing all those even white teeth and he squeezes so --

And his rhythm is gonna make Jason --

So hard so hot so --

So much *more* --

And then Bruce *squeezes* him like a fucking *vise* --

Bruce *growls* --

And Jason has just enough of *himself* left to *notice* that he's slamming his hips against Bruce --

That he's throwing his head back and fucking *howling* --

And then it's all heat and pressure and hot-screaming-crying *good*, taking him out of his fucking body until he's nothing but a fucking *thought*, nothing but what Bruce *made* him with this fuck, this perfect fucking *fuck* --

But then he's in his body again and he realizes that he's *beating* at Bruce's shoulders and *bouncing* on his cock even as --

Fuck, that spurt hit Bruce on the *chin* --

And Bruce is *shaking* --

And *then* Jason feels how much he's clenching, how he's just --

Milking that big fucking *cock* -- no.

"Hands and *knees*, B!"

"Jay --"


And Bruce groans like he's *dying* when he pulls Jason off --

When he sets Jason *down* --

Jason flips up onto his knees and *braces*. "*Do* me -- *unh* -- oh, Bruce, fuck, I love your *cock* --"

"*You*, Jay --"

"I love what you do to me, what you make me -- make me *say* --"

"Tell me, tell -- *Roy* --"

"He fucks me *dirty*, B, he makes it -- makes it fucking slow and *hard* --"

Bruce groans and *clutches* Jason's hips --

"Donna -- uh. She used a strap-on --"

"*Jay* --"

"Fuck me *harder*!"

And then Bruce growls like he's gonna tear Jason apart, *fuck* Jason apart -- "*Dick*."

"I -- I never --"

"How would you *want* -- *Jay* --"

And clenching is making his *eyes* water, making him shake like Bruce, but Bruce would be fucking Jason across the damned *room* if he didn't have that death-grip on Jason's hips, and just --


More --

"*Please*, Jay --"

Jason groans and licks the sweat off his upper lip. "I'd wanna suck him, just -- go to fucking *town* on his cock --"

"He -- uncircumcised --"

Jason *grunts* -- "Fucking -- I'd nibble on it. The foreskin -- *hnh*, ow, *yeah* --"

"Jay -- Jay, *more* --"

"Make him fuck my *throat* --"

"Please, so -- so *beautiful* --"

"Have him -- Roy says he loves rubbing off, that he moves like a *dancer* --"

"You'd *want* that --"

"God, *yeah*, B, and he could -- he could come all over -- Jesus, *ow* --"

"Sorry, I'm *sorry*, I -- *Jay* --"

"Yeah, B, *do* it --"

"*Love* --" And then Bruce twitches *hard* inside him, makes a sound like he's *dying* and starts to come, jet after *hot* jet --

"Bruce, *yeah* --"

"Hnh -- *hnh* -- *Jay* --"

"Love you -- *Christ* -- okay, okay, *don't break my pelvis* --"

Bruce gasps a laugh and shudders, tightens his grip even *more* --

Those bruises are gonna be *special* --

And then Bruce picks Jason up by the waist and moves him further onto the bed, slipping out a *little* before he climbs on and covers Jason like a huge, sweaty, hairy blanket. As usual, it seems to take about ten damned *seconds* before his breathing is back to normal, and -- "Is this --"

"Stay *right* there, B."

"You can't get a full breath --"

"Are you planning to make me do a five mile run while your *cock* is in me?"

"Hm. I've always thought that running could be more entertaining than it is."

Jason snickers and bangs his head back against Bruce's shoulder. "Like you *wouldn't* rather run with your tongue up my damned ass."

"I rather think my penis is in more danger of eternal hellfire than your posterior."

Jason hears himself make a sound like a weasel getting *compressed* -- he elbows Bruce in the side.

"Noted. Jay... are you all right?"

"Hunh? I'm fine. I mean, we might not be able to do this for a couple days --"

"I mean -- emotionally."

Jason frowns and shifts. "You... think I'd be upset?"

"I made you speak about -- "

"You *asked* me to talk about the others. I didn't have to."

And Bruce is silent for a long moment --

And a longer moment --

And a real damned fucking long -- "Bruce --"

"I try. I try to find some way not to bury myself in you, not to take from you over and over again..."

Jason shivers as much as he can with all that *weight* on him --

"My love. You must. You must show care with me."

"What -- what does that mean?"

*Bruce* shivers --

"Bruce --"

"I don't know. I -- truly don't," and Bruce kisses the top of Jason's head. "You must always take what you want of me --"

"I *do* --"

"And please --"

"I *love* you, B --"

"And I will love you until I die."

Jason shivers *again* -- and elbows Bruce again. "C'mon, B --"

"Yes, of course." Another kiss. "I need not be painfully creepy at all times. *Are* you interested in the cane?"

"Uh. Well. How *much* deep-tissue bruising would we be talking about with that thing?"

"I find the sensations aren't satisfying without a great deal of force. You could be quite different --"

"Who *used* it on you?"

Bruce laughs, moving them both a little. "I used it on myself while masturbating furiously... and thinking problematic thoughts about Jim Gordon."

"Augh! What did I fucking *tell* you about that?"

"'No naked cops. Not now, not ever.'"

"*Exactly* --"

"He wasn't naked in the fantasy."

"Well... okay --"

"He was wearing a great deal of leather," Bruce says, rolling them onto their sides --

Which does, in fact, make it easier to elbow Bruce hard enough that he grunts.


"Much, thanks," and Jason reaches back to rub at Bruce's thigh a little. "We could try the crop."

"Which --"

"Which would make you *hotter*?"

"Jay --"

Jason grinds his elbow in against the bruise he *knows* is coming up over Bruce's abs.

"Hm. Noted. I would prefer you using it on me for... any number of reasons I think you can guess."

He really can. From the fact that Bruce likes being owned just as much as he does to the fact that Bruce likes to be *touching* him. All the time. With his *bare* hands, and sometimes that means they're out in the night with the moon shining on Bruce's ghost-pale skin as he reaches --

As he *touches* --



"I'll do it."

"Do --"

"I wanna see it. I wanna see you lose it -- even more than you already do."

Bruce shivers and kisses him again. "Would you tell me if there were anything I could give you?"

Jason closes his eyes and pushes back a little --

Bruce pushes his softening cock *in* a little more --

"God, yeah -- and. Uh. Yeah. I would." He thinks. He's *pretty* sure --


"B --"


Jason closes his eyes and tries to think, to come up with *some* damned reason not to share everything, all the time, not to be just as hungry as Bruce is, not to -- love. "I'll tell you."

And Bruce takes an actual *deep* breath, relaxing all over just like he knows --

He always knows. He -- just --

Why *him*?


He always knows. "I need -- I'm gonna try to sleep, B."

"I should take you --"

"Keep me here. *Right* here."

Bruce sighs --

And then the covers just *are* over both of them, and it's dark and warm and *close*, and Bruce is holding him like someone who never leaves bruises --


And Bruce holds him the right way.