Well, ain't that poster love?
by Te
July 26, 2007

Disclaimers: Not one thing here is mine.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague references to some older storylines in both comics and toonverse. Meant to take place sometime before Supergirl shows up in SUPERMAN/BATMAN, and sometime after Supergirl shows up in toonverse. Look, don't think about it too deeply. *I* didn't.

Summary: The smile on Kara's face feels like accomplishment.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which may prove disturbing to some readers.

Author's Note: A snippet for Petra and David's 'I Never' game that went all buck wild on me.

Acknowledgments: To Betty and Pixie for audiencing and encouragement.

There's something going on with the metahumans -- and all the others -- and Renee has been pretty damned focused on ignoring it 'til it goes away. She's seen what happens to the little people when this kind of thing goes down -- whole cities getting wiped off the map faster than old Judge Hampton can wipe her ass on a request for a search warrant that has any hint of Batman on it -- and Renee has no illusions about just how big *she* is in the grand scheme of things.

She doesn't even want to think *phrases* like 'grand scheme' -- and she still doesn't. It's just that she's gotten herself a houseguest. She's -- well, okay, that makes it sound like the woman -- the girl -- had just sort of wandered in, instead of the truth.

The truth --

The truth is that there'd been lightning -- not the normal kind, but a big crack in the *sky* -- as she'd driven home, and there'd been a *bump* that sent her old beater rocking, and when she'd gotten out --

She still doesn't know why she'd gotten out --

The girl had been there. Right there. Not bruised, not bleeding. Her tight white baby-t had been a little smudged, and so had her long, bare legs -- the little blue skirt was fine -- but there had been no sign of injury. Or consciousness, but --

But the shield on that t-shirt had been enough to tell Renee that *she* probably hadn't caused whatever had happened to the girl, and also told her that she couldn't just leave her there. So -- Renee had brought her home, fluffed up the couch pillows, a little, and made some coffee.

And waited. And -- there was enough aging Chinese in her fridge to justify eating half of it and leaving the rest on a nice, easy to microwave plate. And that's what she'd done, right before going to sleep. It's just --

Well, she's awake now. And so is -- "Supergirl?"

"Who are you? And -- where is this?"

Supergirl, hovering right over her. Jesus. She hadn't even known there *was* one.

Renee would've guessed that if the girl *had* woke up feeling this way, she'd just fly herself off to... somewhere. She -- she can deal. Renee sits up, belatedly tucks her service piece in the drawer beside the bed, and pushes a hand through her hair. "Renee Montoya, GCPD. I -- uh. This is my apartment. I -- found you," she says, and offers her hand.

Supergirl takes it and shakes, firm and sure but not bone-cracking. Polite. "I -- GC? Is that Gotham City? It is, right? Do you know Batman?"

Sometimes she's pretty sure *Robin* doesn't know Batman, but... "I know how to get in touch, but -- it's a little crazy out there. You might be able to get him faster than I can."

That makes Supergirl sit down, frown, kick her legs. "I don't think -- I mean, maybe, but..."

How *old* is she, exactly? And -- "Hey, are you --" Renee doesn't quite know how to finish that sentence, but --

"I don't think this is my universe," Supergirl says.

That's definitely *a* way to finish things off. And *a* way to explain things. "You -- well, you took a knock." Or something. "Maybe you should go... check things out?"

"I did, while you were sleeping. The sky's all wrong, and there are cities just -- *missing*."

Renee's stomach lurches. She has family all over, friends -- "Er -- which?"

"Well, Dakota, for one. And Coast City."

One she'd never heard of, one that's been gone for a while. Okay. That's -- it's not *okay*, but she can breathe a little easier.

"See? You don't even know what I'm talking about. I want --" Supergirl wraps her arms around herself. "I really want to go home."

For an instant -- crazy and thankfully *quick* -- Renee wishes her mother was there to yell at her for being a bad host in the thousand ways she hasn't thought of and just take *care* of the girl who can fly cross-country while Renee *naps*. Still, it's not too weird to give the girl a hug. It's nothing Renee hasn't done for dozens -- hundreds, maybe, at this point? -- of victims, and people who've witnessed things no one should have to --

The hug she gets in return is hard enough to make her bones creak, but she can go with that, too. Renee pats the long, blonde hair and doesn't spend any *lengthy* amount of time wondering how breasts *hard* enough to retain their shape in a hug like this can still seem to *feel* soft.

She's not wearing a bra, under there. Not even a little one. Renee pats her back and starts pulling back --

"Oh, sorry! You know, Superman -- the Superman in *my* universe -- told me how things like this happen sometimes, but it's still pretty -- pretty *damned* scary."

When she takes a breath, it sounds like she's waiting for Renee to say something about the curse, but that's gotta be one of those Metropolis things. She's *heard* Sawyer say 'darn,' after all. "I can only imagine. Look, I made some extra coffee, earlier, and I've got some Chinese food -- they have those things where you come from, right?"

"Well, not on Krypton, but they both sound pretty *Earth* standard to me," she says, and her smile is waiting for something, too.

Renee isn't sure what, so she pats the girl on one steel-hard shoulder, pushes herself out of bed, and gestures her to follow. The girl -- she *flies* instead of walks, but does it slowly enough that...

No, it's pretty fucking strange. Renee shakes herself like a dog, and pours her a mug of coffee. "Sugar?"

"Lots, please. If you have it."

Renee doesn't bother with a spoon, and the girl doesn't bother with a microwave. Right. *Super*.

When it's hot enough to steam, the girl takes it from her and knocks it back like a shot -- and *then* grabs a spoon off the drying rack to get at the coffee-flavored sludge. Maybe sugar is like sunlight to her, or --

No, she's got nothing. Renee leans back against the counter and folds her arms. "Better?"

"Mm, I -- my foster parents hate it when I drink coffee like this, but then C -- Kal is always bringing really expensive stuff back for them from all over. Do you have any chocolate? Ice cream? There's chocolate and ice cream here, right?"

"Yep. Bacon, too. Between that and the coffee, I think we're pretty civilized. How hungry are you, Supergirl? Should I be trying to give you real food?"

*That* makes the girl frown, and -- probably Renee shouldn't be thinking of that expression being a pout -- someone who can shoot lasers from her eyes probably shouldn't be able to *pout* -- but. Renee reaches out and ruffles the girl's hair, a little.

"Okay, what can you see in my freezer, Little Blue?"

"Little -- heh. I like that! 'Girl of Steel' always makes me feel like some weird action figure. And... there is *nothing* in there that isn't ice cream. I *like* you, Officer Montoya," she says, grinning and opening the freezer.

"Detective," she says, and makes sure the girl has plenty of room. "But I think you can call me Renee."

"Renee. I like that, too," she says, and digs into the mocha fudge ripple -- "Oh, should I get a bowl?"

Renee waves her off and goes to sit down at the kitchen table. After another massive spoonful or two, the girl joins her. It's pretty companionable, as these things go, and it's easier not to think of long legs and impossibly firm breasts when the girl in question has ice cream all over her face.

Maybe they just grow 'em *bigger* on Krypton.

Renee sips her own lukewarm coffee, and -- she's waiting, again, even if her body's giving her way too many mixed messages about what she might be waiting for.

"Mmm, I... okay, maybe I was a little hungry," she says, and -- wind. A rushing sound that *isn't* wind --

And Kara is clean and smiling at Renee. And tapping the spoon on the carton. "Yeah, Supergirl?"

"Some for you? And -- this isn't my universe. You -- you should call me Kara," she says, and nods seriously.

Just Kara? No, her kitchen isn't the box. "Okay, Kara."

The smile on the girl's face gets wider. "I like that. You sound really... is that a Puerto Rican accent?"


"Mm, okay," she says.

The vague look on her face might be teenaged ignorance, or the DR might not actually exist on her Earth. Too much to think about this time of night. "Look, we can head over to Central, and you could fire up the Batsignal --"

"Or you could eat some ice cream with me and help me not think about the fact that I'm in a whole new crazy universe."

Renee presses her tongue to her teeth. "Uh..."

"Look, I know I'm intruding, and I'm really grateful for everything, but -- and I don't mean this as an insult! -- but it's really *freaky* out there. I saw -- I stopped a lot of..." The girl -- Kara looks down at the table. "I bet there are plenty of other nice people out there, but you're the first one I've met."

So maybe it kind of had to come down to this. Renee *likes* mocha fudge ripple, and she's pretty good at not getting it all over her face, too. The smile on Kara's face makes that feel like -- something. An accomplishment. Something warmer and better than the hole in the wall she calls a kitchen.

She feeds Kara spoonfuls, and doesn't think too much about the last woman she'd had here, like this. Another girl, really, though probably still older than Kara.

The dyke bars in this area are always just a little too depressing. The *clubs* are too loud and crazy and full of slumming straight girls, but sometimes Renee can find a good one. That one had had piercings everywhere they'd fit and a habit scarring itself back to innocence. Girls like that always like it a little hard, and --

Kara, right. Blue eyes, blonde hair, doesn't curse all that much, powers like Superman, long legs -- *big* blue eyes.

"You like girls," Kara says, and grins like she'd won a prize.

"What's it to you?"

"Well -- nothing. I mean, back home, I --" The grin falls apart on her face. "I hope I get back home."

Renee taps the spoon against her lip. No give at *all*, and that's -- she's not the one who's supposed to be distracted. "Open up."

She does, closing her eyes most of the way. And burps into her hand after she swallows. "You're nothing like... like Babsy."

The only Babs she knows *of* is the Commissioner's daughter, who Renee can't look at without thinking 'too damned straight for her own good.' Well, when she's not wondering what she's hiding behind those good-girl glasses. "No, hunh? Did you want to tell me about her?"

"Oh, she's -- older. A little. And she's really athletic, and smart, and -- she's got a pretty dirty mind."

Really. "And you think I'm nothing like her, hunh?" The ice cream has started to melt enough that Kara's going to have to either lick or slurp to get all of it. The question is probably a little too important to Renee, just now --

Kara slurps *and* licks. And licks her lips again, and -- beams. "Well, maybe. Sometimes she likes to, you know. Give *orders*."

Well. *Well*. Renee leans back in her chair and licks the spoon. Whether she's tasting the metal or whatever odd thing there is in Kara which lets her do things like fly and heat up coffee with those baby blues...

"Do *you* ever... give orders?"

"I could tell you right now to take off that -- uniform."

"Oh -- oh, Renee --"

"But it wouldn't mean a *thing* if you didn't *want* to follow orders, Little Blue." Little *girl* -- Supergirl -- oh, Jesus, what is she doing?

"That's..." When she bites her lip, there's give. The pressure she has to be using --

The things she could *do* -- "That's what?"

"That's -- really *true*," Kara says, and *shifts* in her chair. "I --"

More wind, enough this time to lift Renee's hair, a little -- and, when it settles, Kara is standing next to her chair, the ice cream is missing, and the spoon is rattling in the sink. "Impressive," Renee says --

"I like it. I want -- you could... tell me?"

Tell her, specifically, what to *do*. There's a part of Renee which wants to know if she's really going to *do* this, but it's not the part which is ruining Renee's sleep-panties and making her nipples obvious.

Obvious enough that Kara is staring. Her eyes actually look a little *red* around the edges -- neither Sawyer *nor* Allen had ever mentioned this kind of thing when they talked about Metropolis.

Not that *she* will, but. Still. "All right. Take your uniform off."

The bounce -- and it is a bounce -- takes Kara high enough off the floor that her hair brushes the ceiling, which is a shame, as Renee hasn't cleaned it since moving in here.

Still, wincing gets another rush of wind, and -- Kara is naked. Absolutely, bareass, day she was born (or maybe decanted from some futuristic *container*) naked. And floating down to the floor, which Renee does sweep, and even mop.

It's still too dirty for *this* --

But she thinks, maybe, she means for the *girl*. This is the universe where even the sky's wrong, and Renee's the nicest person Kara knows. She shakes her head.

"Oh, is it all right? Should I have done it slower? Babsy likes --"

"You're fine, Kara. You..." Renee isn't sure if she wants to date Babsy or arrest her five minutes before she arrests herself. "You're fine all over, actually. Turn around for me?"

She gets a little circle, nice and slow, a pause to show off the two picture-perfect dimples, and Kara even raises her arms over her head and stands on her toes. *Well* trained. Somebody's going straight to hell, probably by way of some other Superman's *fist*.

Some other Superman -- one who likes to go by that Kal-El business, apparently -- who isn't *here*. Renee pushes back from the table and crooks her finger. Kara floats over, and balls her hands into loose fists. "Whatcha plan to do with those, girl?"

Kara looks down, bites her lip, and raises her hands to cover the breasts which look perfectly normal -- *move* perfectly normally -- when she crushes them against herself and covers the nipples. And then she smiles from under her lashes.

Yeah, she *likes* this kind of thing, and, at this point, Renee has to say a little prayer to whichever gods like to hand out patience, because... Kara smells like sex with a big helping of something *else* on the side. Damn. "Hold your arms out to your sides. Straight -- yeah, like that," Renee says, and sucks two fingers into her mouth.

The *best* way to play with someone who maybe has a lot more patience than *you* do...

She pushes her wet fingers between Kara's legs --

"Ooh. Oh -- *yes* --"

-- and rocks them back and forth until she can get Kara's clit pressed between them. Most of the women in Renee's acquaintance only really like *this* when they're horny enough that most everything feels good -- Renee's hands show *every* single hour she's spent on the range, and everything else, too -- but she's going to have to congratulate herself on a good guess, because --

"Oh -- Renee, that's -- oh, I can feel -- your hands are so big and *hard* --

-- probably no such thing as 'too much knuckle' for a Supergirl. Renee gets a good grip, and what's sounding like an even better rhythm, and -- hm. "You can smell me, can't you?"

"Mm, yes, you -- you were a little aroused before you went to sleep, I think."

*You* were sleeping on my couch. "Heh. You can tell how wet I am for you, right?"

"Like -- I hope -- I hope you'll let me *taste*."

That's -- a really good idea, actually. Her fingers are slick and shining in the weak fluorescent, and Kara looks like the second before a -- dive. Heh. Renee leans back in the chair, letting her legs spread a little more --

Kara licks her lips --

And Renee brings her fingers close to her face. This close, the something *else* is as powerful a scent as all the sex, but Renee's no closer to figuring it out, beyond a sense of it being sweet and a little -- green, like fresh-cut... *something*. Renee laughs a little.

"Is it very weird? Babsy calls it 'making first contact' when she goes down on me."

Renee turns her fingers in front of her face, absently rubbing them together to keep everything slick -- not that there's much sign of it tacking up. "Does human pussy smell weird to you?"

She shrugs, keeping her arms out. "Humans smell like humans. I was a virgin before I came here. Well -- to my Earth."

And that means she's probably *not* screwing Superman. Kal. Renee nods and slips her fingers into her mouth --

And gets kissed, messy and sweet enough that she almost forgets the game. "Off," she says, using a little of her street-voice.

"Sorry," Kara says, insincerely enough that it's hard to hold onto her frown.

Thinking about it -- Kara can probably tell *just* how insincere she is, but whether the truth or the lie is what's making her dance a little on her toes and clench obviously enough that Renee can see it in her abs... Renee doesn't know. "Bend over the table. Facing away from me," she says, and watches Kara do the fuck-me dance for another second or two before she complies.

And the view...

The view is pretty fantastic, really. Kara has the legs of a runner from her heels up to her thighs, but from there she really kind of *blooms* out, and her ass could belong to much, much larger girl. Gorgeous.

If she wore shorts or tights she'd probably look a little *obscene*, but the skirt hides things a little. Makes the eye make assumptions.

Renee nods to herself and licks her fingers clean, and --

"If you had a -- a big, heavy glove, you could probably spank me without hurting yourself too badly," she offers.

And -- it's not that she can't see it. It's just that she can also *feel* it, once she gets her hands on the girl. Everything that *looks* soft is still -- girl of steel. She really *can't* risk her gun hand. Renee sighs and gives herself a moment to think about it, to just -- *feel*. "Float up a couple of inches," she says, and Kara's breasts don't even feel *real*, as opposed to warm and wonderful in Renee's hands.

"Oh -- please?"

Yes -- absolutely yes. Renee twists Kara's nipples as hard as she can and gets a shivering squeal. She can't get as good a pinch between her second and third fingers, but she can use the pad of her thumbs, this way --

"Your hands -- your hands are so *rough*."

"You like that."

"*Yes*," Kara says, hissing out the 's' and pushing back against Renee's hips with her ass -- and *that* is a wonderful idea. Renee pinches one more time, lets go, and presses down between Kara's shoulder blades until she's flat against the table again.

"Stay *right* there," Renee says, and heads for the bedroom, and the real reason she has a nightstand with *two* drawers. Keeping the harness and its accessories in the same drawer as the gun probably wouldn't lead to too much confusion, but it would hurt her mind a little.

Mostly because, these days, she uses the gun a *lot* more often. She's met cops from other cities. Twenty-year veterans who haven't pulled their weapons as often as she does in a damned season -- no, not here. She's got something a lot better in the kitchen, and the dust on see-my-pinkie (see my thumb, see my fist, now here it *comes*) is only depressing until she washes it off in the sink.

When she checks, Kara is paying *very* close attention, eyes wide and mouth just a little open. "That position's no good for your neck, Little Blue. Lay your cheek back down."

"Oh -- okay," she says, and does it.

Renee strokes her hair. "Babsy ever do this for you?"

"Just -- she usually just uses her fist."

That's worth a congratulatory stroke for the dildo, all right. She *could've* picked a smaller one. With the harness this tight, she gets a dull little thud deep inside for every good stroke. A tease which has *nothing* on what she's gonna get. "She do it hard?"

"Hard -- hard as she can."

And she's an *athletic* girl. Mm. In Renee's head, Babsy looks a little like the Commissioner's daughter, only with arms and shoulders like a pretty brick shithouse. Maybe some nice, wholesome-looking freckles across her nose, and the kind of hands which would make her *real* damned popular down at the Pretty Kitty. Renee runs her hands over Kara, stroking and soothing. It's impossible to tell if it's *really* working, but if you can't trust Supergirl when she's humming and moaning and wriggling, then the entire multiverse needs to flush itself and start over. "Should I be making you wait a little?"

"Oh -- if you want to. If it would... you smell so *good*, Renee!"

Meaning, at least some part of Kara would be thrilled to just stay right here on Renee's table, looking like the world's best dinner *and* dessert if it would just keep making Renee horny enough to broadcast it to any passing Super, at all --

She really doesn't need that image of Superman. Not even a little.

"How much does Babsy make you wait?"

"It depends. She's really -- busy, with her work, and she can't always play with me for very long."

Quickies in the sky? Probably nice if you can get it, but Renee's not gonna forget that she found *this* Super unconscious and marked with her tire tracks anytime soon. The *last* thing she needs is to tumble naked and covered with girl-come out of the sky when whatever-it-is sucks Kara back where she belongs. The GCPD doesn't have *much* of an image, but it does have one. Renee smiles to herself and lines herself up behind Kara, close enough for see-my-pinkie to rub that clit, *insinuate* itself a little between those pretty pink lips --

"Ohh, *please* --"

"Shh," she says, and covers Kara, kissing between her shoulder blades and licking up. She's not that tall, so it's easy to get up to the back of her neck, that place where lighter touches make it better for most of the women she's been with --

"That feels -- oh, I'm sorry -- mmm," she says, in a voice which could almost be called quiet as Renee licks and nuzzles.

Like this, she can't really get to -- oh. "Float up for me," and then Renee can get to her breasts again, kiss and pinch, pinch and rock, slide, get see-my-pinkie nice and slick. "Good girl," she says, and starts using her teeth.

Kara's being just as quiet as she can -- Renee would lay money on it -- which means that soon -- pretty damned soon -- Renee's going to be pissing off her neighbors something awful. She grinds her hips a little --

And feels her feet lift off the floor --


"I -- I -- please, I can -- I can almost *taste* you, now, and --"

"Down," Renee says, less because she wants it than because she wants to see if she can feel it, get a little of what's turning Kara on *this* much. And -- yeah, she can. The shivers under her once Kara drops them both again, the way pressing close and moving sends her t-shirt scrape-scraping over her nipples.

*Renee* wants to get fucked, wants something for the ache which is making her push with her hips, slide --

Renee stands up and just -- touches, slides herself and see-my-pinkie around, pulls back and squeezes Kara with her hand --

"So good, I mean -- mm, *mm*!"

"Are you gonna scream for me when I'm fucking you?" Kara nods, hair covering her face, and when Renee pushes the hair aside, Kara's cheek is flushed pink and she's squeezing her lips tight. Yeah. *Yes*. "I'm jacking myself now, Kara. Getting it all slick with your juices," she says, and sucks her fingers nice and loud. "You'd better be ready for me," and she wants it to be a tease, more of this *game*, but it really isn't.

Not when lining herself up by sliding the head up over Kara's clit makes Renee clench, makes her knees feel a little weak, a little wobbly. The first push makes Kara shake so hard she vibrates the entire table and enough of the floor that Renee feels a little worried, but --

"C'mon, honey, breathe through it --"

The breath rattles the dishes and -- freezes them? Jesus.

Renee pauses, strokes Kara up over her shoulders, tries a squeeze that goes nowhere --

"Oh, I'm sorry, they'll -- defrost. Ah -- don't stop -- oh *Rao* --"

Renee's most of the way in -- she can feel wet hair and just *wet* on the side of her hand, and Kara's starting to rock -- "That's it, that's -- oh, little girl, I'm gonna fuck you so *hard* --"

The answer she gets is Kara pulling forward and *ramming* herself back, hard enough to stagger Renee a little, to make her wonder if she's asking for ass-shaped bruises by doing this. Mostly just hard enough to give Renee an *excuse* to grab those hips and catch Kara's rhythm and make it a little faster, a little harder --

"Oh oh -- oh, *yes*, that -- you -- oh, *fuck* me --"

And Renee loves it, loves it like air, a light when she needs one -- Kara is *letting* her do all the work, and that's always just -- the best. Something to make her clench up harder, grind, send that vibrating *slam* back through her pussy until her panties feel a little cool and a lot useless. "Like this, Kara baby?"

There aren't really any words in those sounds, just cries with a steady, *scary* little growl under them. She really wouldn't want to piss this girl off. This -- this living *wonder*, and Renee can squeeze as hard as she wants, *fuck* as hard as her pubic bone can take it. If she had thought to *pad* this thing -- no, she can't stop.

Kara's clawing at the table and shuddering the world around them again. There's slick running down Renee's thighs, and she can't even sink her fingers in a *little*.

It's the reminder she needs not to slap, because Renee could only afford a light one which wouldn't do any good for *either* of them, but -- pushing down at the base of Kara's spine makes her groan and stop shaking long enough to wriggle.

Stroking her back doesn't get much, but when she grabs Kara's hair --

"Oh yes --!"

When she *pulls* --

This growl doesn't have any other sounds to disguise it, and Renee wonders if it's supposed to be a warning --

*Right* before Kara bucks so hard Renee almost slips *out* --

"Oh, sorry, sorry -- oh *God*, don't *stop* --"

Which is the best possible reason to brace her knees and *slam* back in, and then she's riding Kara's rhythm, stroking in and *in*, trying to keep her *feet*. She digs into Kara's hip with her nails, a little, listens to the pound of her heart -- no, that's the neighbors, and this is just going to have to be one of those times when they have to *deal*, because she's the nearest officer of the *fucking* peace.

There's a grin on her face which makes her feel a little crazy, but not as crazy as the *bronco* ride Kara's giving her. The flush is all down her back, now, and, when Renee winds Kara's hair around her fist, she can feel the sweat at Renee's scalp, bend over and just let the rhythm kill her nipples --

"No, please, more --"

Unwind and stand up, stay right there, and now it's getting hard to pull out for her thrusts. There's more than enough *slick*, but Kara's holding *on*. "That's -- I'm *impressed*, girl --"

Holding *her*, or it might as well be that way. Renee's not going to come like this, but every buck is hitting her just right, winding her up tight and making her *need* more. And if she can't get it with the thrust --

Renee lets go of Kara's other hip and reaches between. They're moving too fast for her to get fancy, but once she can pinch that little clit between her fingers -- she's not moving at *all*. Kara's clenching, shouting -- and if that's not an orgasm, then there's a damned *water* gun in Renee's drawer. Renee holds on, pinches a little --

Feels the floor start shaking *again* --

Feels Kara *working* the toy with her pussy --

"That's it, that's right, that's -- just right, Little Blue..."

It ends with Kara floating up a little, just enough for the toy to slip out. Renee gets her balance back, strokes see-my-pinkie. She's a little surprised to feel that it's still in one piece, to be honest, though she's not going to try using it to beat any bad guys in the head. She *likes* this toy.

Renee strokes over Kara's ass and unstraps, dropping toy and harness together in the sink. The panties -- *why* was she still wearing them? She steps out and tosses them in the vague direction of the bedroom. "Why don't you relax a little?"

"I *am*," she says, and hums -- and then twists herself upright and floats back up to the ceiling. And smiles down at Renee like --

Renee feels shined on, warm. "You are *so* beautiful," she says, and takes a moment to hope Kara likes it when her women sound like cock-struck teenaged boys. Renee smiles ruefully --

Kara beams, and floats down just far enough that they're eye to eye. "May I kiss you?"

Renee smiles and tilts her head -- and gets an armful of mind-boggling powerful Kryptonian *girl*, the smell of sex and sweat and all of those other things the people of a dead planet probably had thousands of words for, if they were any decent kind of people at all. The best Renee can do is show her how much she likes it with the kiss, tease it all into her with her tongue, press closer and turn that hug into something special.

And when Kara pulls away and bites her own lip again -- yeah. Renee knows what she wants.

"Down," she says, one more time, and pushes on her shoulders until her feet touch the floor, until she bends her knees, until she's right there and --

Breathing. Sniffing her and nuzzling, licking Renee's thighs -- too ticklish. Renee pulls her hair.

"Not the -- not my thighs."

Kara nods and pushes Renee's legs apart, arches up --

And that's just --

Beyond perfect. Her tongue feels like nothing else, wet and hard, *solid* against her but still mobile. The fact that Renee hadn't let Kara go at her thighs doesn't stop Kara from licking everywhere else, *cleaning* her and making her get nice and dirty all over again.

The flutter against her clit makes her shake, punch the wall she didn't even know she was close to -- has to protect her *hands*. And the best way to do that is to get *both* of them in Kara's hair, feel it shift and flow over her hands like cool water, like the way she's flowing --

"Oh, that's -- mm, you're perfect -- nn --"

Kara's *kissing* her now, soft and wet, making love to Renee's pussy like maybe she won't get a chance to do this again, but Renee's been waiting much too long.

"Your fingers -- I need -- oh *Jesus*, yes, Kara --"

Sucking now, right on her clit, and for a crazy moment Renee wishes she hadn't taken off the harness right away -- she *wants* this girl sucking her off -- but most of her knows that it wouldn't have been good enough for *her*. Most -- but Kara's fingers are harder than her tongue, warmer than the best, most realistic toy --

Warmer than *she* is, and bucking her hips makes her balance get a little shaky, but the grip Kara has on her hips tells her she's not going anywhere, and -- it's maybe not kinky enough for Kara for Renee to move her hands to Kara's shoulders, but it makes things a lot easier. Renee can bend, hold herself steady against all that strength --

*Take* it, pumping and pumping until her abs start complaining a little, until the complaints twine themselves right *in* to all that heat and *good*. Also, in this position, she can't really cry out as much as Kara is making her *want* to, so she doesn't have to get lost in all the *embarrassment* -- what's good for the goose tends to make the other goose feel kind of ridiculous.

Better to just do it like *this*, holding on tight and grunting like an animal, fucking Kara's face and fucking *herself* on Kara's fingers until thought narrows down to heat and *good*, until everything stops and becomes pretty pictures --

Firm high breasts and red cheeks, little pink tongue and that nice round *ass*, pretty blonde hair and big, big blue eyes --

And then Kara moans, long and low, and Renee can't do anything other than keep fucking *riding* it, listen to her own sounds get higher and tighter until she can't hear anything but Kara's moan and her own heartbeat --

*Supergirl*, she thinks, and gives it up, knees collapsing and knocking against Kara's chest until her back's against the wall, her head is brushing the *ceiling*, and her legs are over Kara's shoulders. Like this, she can't keep the moans *quiet*, anymore, but she has to admit it's hard to care.

She's spasming and grinding, pushing, and Kara's fingers are crooked good and hard, perfect inside her --

Renee throws her head back and *goes* with it.

Some time later, she finds herself on the bed with Supergirl half-covering her like a warm, soft *enough* blanket. The hug is a close cousin to one of the pins they'd taught Renee at the Academy, and they'd apparently brought the sex-reek *with* them from the kitchen. Nice. Renee smiles and pets Kara's hair. "I hope this isn't too much of a disappointment, but I'm gonna have to sleep pretty soon."

"Oh... should I go back to the couch?"

"Not unless you want to, honey," Renee says, and yawns. "I don't mind you sticking around until we can find a way to get you home."

Kara squeezes her. "Thank you. That's really --"

Renee covers her mouth with her fingers -- and gets them bitten. Lightly. "Point taken, but it's really the least I can do. I *am* supposed to help people."

Kara licks her fingers, kisses them -- licks them *again*, and then rubs her mouth against them. "Still. I'm glad you found me."

So is Renee. And... Renee squeezes her back.

She can live with having a houseguest for a while.