Tactical Advantages
by Te
December 10, 2005

Love to Petra and Zee for audiencing and encouragement.


... and he's just about got a handle on things, really. He'd
gotten pissed off at Gar, like, four separate times this
weekend, and only turned him into a girl *once*.

And he'd been able to fix it almost *before* he'd -- she'd --
started with the... grooming, and --

Well, okay, that had definitely been an 'almost,' but not
having... *this* under control is definitely not as bad as the
heat vision stuff had been.

Tim had said so.

And Tim is...

Well, he's Tim, and he's really...

The thing is, Kon knows *exactly* why he's been avoiding
him for everything but the 'stay right there and help me
remember that I know how to meditate so Kory can stop
waving her new golden penis around at all of us' -- and it's
totally not fair that she's better at pissing in patterns than
he is, because he's had a penis for *years*, dammit -- stuff.

Things. He *knows* why.

It's just that he'd been doing really well at the whole
mostly-not-knowing-why thing, only that had been before
it was all...

Like this.

With the... stuff. And things. And it *sucks* to avoid Tim,
because he's pretty much never (had to) even tried to
before, because if Tim wanted to be right there, you kind of
had to go with it.

If you were Kon or you were any of them, because it's
*Tim*, and he fucking never wants to be right there. Or --

Okay, he does, but he does in this very Tim way which
tends to involve being really kind of far *away* from there,
and just assuming you know... anything.

At all.

And the thing is -- the other, other thing is -- that it's actually
kind of *bad*, in a *work* way, for him to be avoiding Tim,
because it's not like this is a power Clark can help him with,
and also he doesn't want to give Clark tits by accident. Ever.
Not... ever.

And Tim is Tim, which means that he's Robin, which means
that he's good at things like this. No one *else* had pointed
out that it wasn't like the other powers, that *any*
emotional response could set it off, like how it wasn't Uncle
Jon's fault that he didn't realize Kon would get really, really
sad after Old Yeller, and that was --

That was bad.

Luckily, Aunt Martha had been able to calm him down with
some cookies and Uncle Jon is avoiding him like the plague,
now, but at least he isn't Aunt Jon anymore.

But -- yeah.

He should be *working* on this, somehow, and that means
Tim should be right there, except if he was...

If he was, for anything longer than five minutes -- and that
could be pushing it -- he'd totally be a she, because it doesn't
matter how calm and cool and *good* Tim is at keeping
*him* calm and cool and good --

It does matter, because that's the point.

Tim would just be standing there, being himself, and then
he'd be standing there being *herself*, and... and he'd ask

And Kon would have to tell him.

And it's six million kinds of stupid on *top* of being
embarrassing, because it's not like Kon is a goddamned
virgin or bigoted or anything, it's just that there's a
difference between hitting on some guy and hitting on
*Tim*. And some part of him really does think --

"There you are."

Oh shit oh *shit*, *Tim*. "Uh. I was. Uh. I kinda wanted to
be. Alone." Maybe if he doesn't look. Maybe --

"Did you?"

He knows that tone. It's the -- okay, right until just this
*second* Kon would've sworn up and fucking down that
Tim didn't *have* a 'look at me' tone, but --


He really does. Shit. Kon looks, and Tim is still standing on
the steps leading up to the Tower proper, and then he isn't.
He's closing the door and he's moving closer and maybe
if Kon goes into shock...

You don't feel *anything* when you're in shock, right? He
could probably put himself into shock, or... "Hey, do you
have that Bat-taser on you?"

Tim raises an eyebrow at him. "Why?"

That's a yes. "Because I want to... uh." Maybe he's fast
enough to just --

And he is, he totally is, but he'd forgotten that being fast
enough isn't *good* enough, because he's not Bart, and he
doesn't even know which pocket Tim *keeps* the taser in,
and also Tim fights like he knew exactly what Kon was
about to try, and he probably did.


Tim's --

He's *sparred* with Tim, but not all that much, and he's got
the heat vision and other stuff, now, he can *take* Tim,
but that totally involves either a) actually hurting him, or
b) not just watching him *move*.

Or fall, as the case may be. *Fuck*.

"Tim, are you --"

"Ow," he says, only his voice is... different.

Kon winces. "Did I just --"

"You -- ow -- really did," Tim says, and stands, and he's a
little shaky, and Kon hadn't even *touched* him, but Tim --
*Tim* -- is totally wincing. That hadn't happened before.
Did he just --

"Wait, did I *hurt* you, too?"

"Not... not exactly," Tim says, and reaches for his cape. It
hits the ground with a quiet little series of thuds -- is the
taser in there?

"Um --"

"And you can't have my taser, Kon. Because, more than
ever, I really need you to be conscious right now," and Tim
is gritting his *teeth*, and Kon has no clue why, or why
Tim is stripping out of his tunic --

Except for how he really does. "Oh... shit."

"Honestly," Tim says, "five minutes ago it seemed like a
good idea that my undershirt was armored, too." And when
that's gone, Tim is naked from the waist up and breathing.

And... cupping.

His breasts.

And kind of smiling ruefully at them, but Kon wouldn't really
bet on that, as he's not paying all that much attention to
Tim's face, at the moment.

"I suppose it could be worse."


"My inner woman might have been a *C* cup. Or..." Tim
bounces them. A little.


"What do you think, Kon? *Are* these a B? I'm not used to
judging from... this angle."

"Oh... crap." It's not the smartest thing he's ever said, but
it's probably better than 'nipple.'

"Kon...? C'mon, don't freak out. We just figured out a real
tactical advantage to this power. Even *Deathstroke* would
be stunned for a bit if his own armor punched him in his
suddenly very sensitive nipples."

Except for how it really doesn't help at all if *Tim's* the one
who says it.

"Or... hm." Tim does this... thing... with both of his thumbs
at *once*, and also *stiffens*, and -- "Yes. Very sensitive.
Though I suppose that would vary. Still, I think it's a
general rule among humans, anyway. Certainly, that's one
of the places *I* was taught to aim."

"Aim. Uh."

"Yeah," Tim says, frowning. "Never exactly comfortable to
do it. Batman made me spar with Batgirl -- and get my
*ass* kicked -- until it was at least a somewhat natural
move for me to make. I imagine Shiva would've done the
same, had she had time." Tim bounces his breasts a little
more. "This is going to be problematic."

"I am *so* sorry --"

Tim waves him off -- letting go of his right breast and
making it bounce *more* -- and laughs a little. "Also take
some getting used to. It's okay, Kon. I mean, I came here
to see if I could help you out a little more. I figured I
*would* wind up losing my dick at some point, for at least
a little while. Though I really should've anticipated the
armor thing."

"It's... um. I." He's really hot, and now he's pretty, too -- his
*mouth* is different -- and --

And he's moving closer, and his *walk* is wrong --
awkward -- and they both look down at his hips at once.

They're not that big, but they *are* totally curved, and
Tim's frowning again. "Your... center of gravity?"

Tim nods, still staring down. "Yeah, but that's not the


Tim looks up at him without raising his head, and there's a
smirk in his eyes from under his perfectly normal-for-Tim
hair that's completely and totally right, and it's such a relief
that Kon actually thinks he'll be able to start breathing
normally soon.

And then he shoves down his shorts and tights and there's
nothing there but *hair* (dark, sleek) and also his scarred
muscular thighs and also he's naked.

Except not, because it isn't --

He's *naked*, and stepping -- awkwardly, *fuck* -- out of
his boots and ditching everything --

"Tim --"

"I'm not shaped correctly for a jock right now, Kon."

"Oh -- Jesus."

"And *really* not for an armored jock. Gar didn't mention

"I... uh. I think he kind of skips them. Because..."

It makes Tim blink a little, standing there *naked* with his
jock dangling off his fingers. "I... because of the shifting,
of course. I just..." Tim laughs and shakes his head. "I have
a hard enough time dealing with the fact that you
invulnerable types skip them. You have no *idea* how
many times this thing has saved my..." Tim smirks at him.

He's going to die. It's actually kind of a relief, even though
it would probably kind of suck for Tim to spend the rest of
his life as a woman, though he'll probably learn how to kick
ass again really quickly, and he's so fucking --


It's *wrong* that he's hot now, that he's just as hot now as
before, even though that's the whole reason his whole
stupid brain is doing this, because some part of his dumbass,
*dumbass* self was totally thinking it'd be easier if Tim was
a girl.

Easier to stare at him, easier to talk to him like he wants to,
say the things that...

Okay, probably not, "hey, can I suck you off?"

But the other things. The less gender-specific sex things
and Tim is right there, and touching him -- no.

He's checking Kon's pupils.

"Is it because I'm naked? You all seemed to freak a little bit
that time when I went down to the kitchen in my boxers."

And the *mask*, but also. "Uh. Maybe? Kind of?"

"Kon, *how* many times have we showered together?"

That's just not fair. "You didn't -- you had a *dick* then,

Tim smirks and lets go of Kon's eyelids. "You could always
give mine back...?"

"Uh --" Dammit. No joy.

The smile on Tim's face gets a little softer. "Yeah, I figured
shocking you into it wouldn't work. Worth a try, though."

"I -- yeah. Um."

He smells different. He totally... he smells... he smells like
Tim, only *not*, and Kon *has* showered with him, and
been stinky with him *before* the showers, and it's not --

He smells *different*, now, and --

"Kon? Your breathing is a little --"

"You smell. Different."

The eyebrow goes up so high that the mask looks a little
strange. Kon wonders if that hurts. "Like a girl...?"

"Yeah. I." And also Tim is about an inch away from brushing
her -- his -- nipples over Kon's chest, and if and when that
happens he's definitely going to die, so he needs to fix this.

And the thing is, Tim has totally made that face before. It's
the, "I've got it, Kon, don't worry," face, only right now it's
being evil and also softer, like something which should be
cupped and held and kissed, as opposed to just kissed.

Kon balls his hands into fists. "Seriously, I --"

"Okay," Tim says, and backs off a step, bringing his hand
to his chin in that 'I'm thinking now, you should probably
try to run away' thing he does. His mouth is pouty.

He's going to *die*.

"What set you off *exactly*? You wanted my taser, you
were actually going to fight me for it -- and that's reasonably
good thinking, by the way. If you'd fought any harder, I
would've *had* to shock you. You were... angry? Like with

He could say yes. It's totally plausible. "No."

Tim nods. "And frustration isn't enough, because Bart's had
his penis all weekend, and Raven's had... whatever she has.
I'm assuming, actually. Did you...?"

Tim is naked and also a girl and also talking about Bart's
dick -- no. Question. That was a question. "Uh, no. She kind
of emotion-sucked me last weekend -- the first time this
happened -- but she said she wouldn't do it again."

Tim blinks a little. "You went to *Raven* for this?"

His voice is kind of strange -- beyond the way it's both a
little higher and a little softer now. A weird mix of
'impressed' and 'ticked off.' Kon shrugs, uncomfortably.
"You're the one who pointed out it was my emotions which
were setting it off, man."

"Yes, but --"

Kon raises his hands and Tim sighs. It makes his breasts
move. A little.

"Okay. Okay, so, you told me that when it happened with
Cassie it was because you were watching her do katas, and
kind of got stuck on what those punches would look like
if she were a guy. Was it... curiosity? You wanted to see
what I'd look like?"

Completely and totally plausible. Tim's been his best friend
since he was about three months old. "No. It... it really

And his heart is kind of pounding now, because Tim is
*looking* at him, because Tim totally knows, he completely
and totally --

"Tim, I --"

"I didn't make you sad."

He's kind of sad *now*. "No, you -- look, it's just --"

"So it's like with... with Starfire. When you were..."

'Sad' isn't the word. 'Kind of horrified' works, though. Which
will be fine, especially if it'll make him turn Metallo or
someone into... Metallette. Or something. "Um. Yeah. I was

And Tim's mouth is... well, it *is*, and that doesn't stop
being true even though it *shouldn't* be, right now,
because it's kind of hanging open.

"That's... uh. That's why I was avoiding you."

"Oh. I... you want -- you're attracted to me." It's not quite a
question, but it's Tim, so it's totally a question.

"I want you. Yeah." Kon scrubs a hand back over his hair.
"I knew I'd wind up getting turned on enough around you
that it *would* happen, and, yeah, tasering myself really
did seem like a good plan."

The sound Tim makes is completely unrecognizable for a
couple of seconds, until Kon realizes that it's a laugh, only
high and soft and maybe a little freaked-out.

He winces. "Look, Tim, we're buds, and, well, I can deal. I
just... not at the moment."

"Because you --"

"Want you, yeah, and I *still* want you, only now I don't
even know -- I mean, I've touched you before but I haven't
touched you when you're like this, and it's kind of driving
me crazy, so could you maybe... um --"

And he wasn't -- really wasn't -- going to say, 'come over
here really close and put your nipples which are bigger now
against my chest,' but sometimes Tim isn't *perfect* at
reading him, so he just has to...

He has to deal, and put his hands on Tim's -- completely
and totally naked -- shoulders and --

"Kiss me."

-- push, but also kiss. Definitely also kiss, only pushing
*and* kissing kind of knocks them both off balance, and
Tim isn't exactly on his game right now, so it's up to Kon to
make sure they don't fall.

And he can do that, especially because leaving the ground
makes Tim make a *noise* into his mouth and hold on, or
maybe it's just having Kon's tongue in his mouth. This is a
theory he can completely go with, especially because Tim is
*sucking* his tongue and holding on to the back of Kon's
neck with his hard, strong -- are his fingers *longer*? --
hands, and --

Pulling back. "Uh --"

"You realize that turning me into a girl was completely
pointless, right? I mean, you get that, don't you?"

And he's got good smart things to say about that, like 'well,
okay, but you could've *told* me,' and also 'hey, you've
had a girlfriend longer than *any* of us,' but what comes
out is, "Um," and also, "Can I go down on you anyway?"

And Tim kind of... *shifts*, expression moving into
something kind of pinched and weird. "Let me go."

Kon does, and Tim drops -- almost perfectly -- onto his toes.



And then Tim reaches between his -- her -- legs, and Kon
thinks he just ripped his own boxers with his *dick*, and
Tim pulls his hand out and his fingers are shiny and wet,
and --

"Oh, *fuck*, Tim --"

"If I'm reading my new genitals correctly, that would be a

And Kon can't really focus on the next couple of seconds, or
even remember them clearly, because they end with Tim
kind of skidding a little on his back -- good thing the floor
is tiled -- and planting his feet and arching *up* and he's...
oh God, he's fucking pink and shiny and wet and it's
probably total bad form to *immediately* shove his tongue
into Tim's box, as opposed to just --

But Tim is arching even *more*, and "oh, fuck, *Kon* --"

And he can *go* with that, because Tim tastes exactly like
he smells now, only more, and with *sex*, and he's --

God, he's probably been horny for a *while*, and maybe he
didn't even realize it, and that's just fine with Kon, because
he can kind of drink Tim *down*, and get him all over --

"God, man, you have no fucking *idea* how long I've
wanted your come on my face," he says, and Tim makes a
strangled noise, and Kon just settles into *fucking* Tim with
his tongue, and thinking about...

Oh God, it would kill him, it would maybe kill *both* of
them, but he wants to fuck Tim so *bad*, and he could --

He's all --

Tim's hands are in his hair and his thighs are hard and
sweaty-slick against Kon's face and he totally can't breathe
and he's totally --

"*Fuck* me, Kon --"

-- and completely fine with that. Even though he kind of
*wants* to see what Tim's clit is like, if it feels as good on
his tongue as it does on his nose, all hard and soft and
*vulnerable*, but Tim's making these insanely hot
groaning sounds that are all high and constant and *loud*,
and his thighs are shaking, and Kon couldn't stop now if
Tim starting spurting liquid Kryptonite.

He cups Tim's ass -- it's totally *bigger* now -- and goes
faster, harder --

"Oh -- *Ohnn* fuck --"

And he *squeezes* and Tim jerks like he'd hit *himself*
with the damned taser, only he keeps going, ramming
against Kon's face and gasping and --

He's totally coming. He's totally *coming*, and Kon gives
up and just licks him all *over*, messy and probably too
hard and shooting off pre-come in his pants because Tim's
sounds are actually kind of *broken*.

And the hottest thing he's ever heard.

After a while, though, Tim shoves at his head and it's not a
shove which can be interpreted in any way but 'stop,' even
after Kon thinks for a minute.

He pulls away and has about a second to be really sad
about that before he realizes that Tim's panting, and it's
making his breasts do... heaving... things, and Kon crawls
up, wincing at the tightness of his jeans, and completely
not caring once he can cup those breasts in his hands and
suck, one after the other.

Tim jerks again and kind of yelps, and then his hands are
back on Kon's hand and he's laughing, a little. "You want
to give me a 'pearl necklace' right now, don't you."

And then Tim *grunts*, and that's when Kon realizes he'd
just thrust really kind of hard against his mound. "Oh --
God. Sorry," he says, and there was more there, but
there's spit connecting his mouth to Tim's *nipples*, and...

But Tim is just sort of *looking* at him, and it's completely
a Tim look, only now with breasts located not very far
under it. It's sharp and it's amused and it's --

"We can... I swear to fucking God, man. We can do
anything you want. Just... something, okay?"

And the look gets even narrower for a second, and Kon
thinks he might actually come in his pants, but Tim pushes
him away again. "Give me a second."

Kon rolls off to Tim's side and focuses on breathing, and --
and completely gives up on that, because Tim is reaching
between his legs again and shuddering and --

Kon has to look. *Has* to.

He scoots back between Tim's legs and -- "Jesus. Jesus,
man, I --"

"I just... I have no *idea* how having a penis in there will...

And Kon doesn't know if Tim's fingers are any different or
not, and he absolutely doesn't care, because he's watching
Tim shove *two* of them inside his own damned *box*,
and -- wait. "You... you've fucked guys before?"

Tim shudders again and squeezes his eyes shut and just --

"I... I mean. I'm totally fine with. Uh. We could... oh God,
Tim, do you *want* me to fuck you?"

"*Yes*, I -- but --"

"Look, anything, any *way* --"

And it's completely tragic when Tim pulls his fingers out, but
also Kon can *suck* on them, at least a little bit, and watch
Tim watch *him*, and -- and he was trying to say
something. Right. He was.

Kon licks his way off. "We don't have to. I mean -- you
*also* have no idea how long I've wanted your *ass*,

And Tim kind of... he's panting again, and his breasts are
moving, and he's --

"Jesus, you're so fucking *sexy*, Tim, please, just tell me
what you want me to *do* --"

"It's just..." And Tim's laugh is kind of breathless and his
hand is kind of... *rubbing* at his mound, and Kon licks his
lips --

"I swear, I'd come so hard if you just let me go down on
you again. I -- Tim --"

"It seems like... it seems like we should take advantage. Of
the situation."

"With more than my *tongue*?"

"Kon," and Tim actually looks kind of hurt, kind of...

And Kon *has* to touch, just... stroke him all over, and he
feels just right, just perfect, because he's scarred
*everywhere*, even --

God. There's a scar on his left *breast*, kind of a huge and
scary one, and Kon remembers the way it had looked on
Tim's pec, and also he'd had his mouth on it, but *looking*
at it makes it noticeable, and Kon gives up and kisses it
again, licks it and listens to Tim gasp and feels him shiver.

Feels him --

"Kon, you can -- do it, Kon, it's --"

And Tim gasps when Kon flips him over, and *yells* a little,
choked-off and high, and then he's up on his knees and
spreading and Kon sucks on his clit because he *can*, and --

Lube is...

Lube is totally and completely leaking from Tim as he
*watches*, and that's... oh *God*, that's incredible. "I'm
gonna --"

"Kon, yes --"

"Just... I gotta slick up my fingers, man --"

"Oh. Oh..." And Tim stiffens and then spreads *more*,
dropping his head until all Kon can really see are those
broad and scarred and rounded shoulders, reaching back
and... fuck, *spreading* himself. "Do it. *Do* it --"

And possibly Kon gets lost a little in the *feel* -- so fucking
*slick* -- but Tim is rocking back against his hand like
that's a *good* thing, and he's... oh God. "Okay. Okay, I...
I think my hand is. Uh. I think I'm good."

And Tim kind of *growls* and reaches to pull at his *cheek*,
and he's... God. *God*, he's hotter there, and he's tight,
and that just means Kon has to use his other hand to slick
himself up more, and he's fingering Tim in both *holes* --

"Oh *fuck* --"

"Oh God, did you just -- you came again, you --"

"Kon, *please* --"

"Don't, oh God, don't -- just --" And he doesn't so much
undo his jeans as tear them off, but he'd leaked on them so
much they were kind of a dead fucking loss, and yeah, his
boxers are wrecked, *too*, and he's shoots off even more
pre-come when he slicks himself -- he didn't *need* to,
except for how he totally needed Tim's come on his dick --
and he's still got two fingers in Tim's ass, and -- "I just.
I'm totally jealous of whoever did this before, man, because
you're --"

"*Fuck* me, Kon --"

Absolutely. And Tim's shaking all over, and his thighs are
slick and shiny, come glistening on the dark hairs, and he's
*shaking*, but that's just an excuse to hold on to Tim's
other hip *tight* as he guides himself --

As he pushes --

As --

"Oh *God*," and he's not sure which one of them said that,
but he's in, almost *in*, and the muscles are bunching and
flexing in Tim's back, and it's the most perfect thing he's
ever seen, even though the sounds coming out of Tim's
mouth are high and *hot*, even though Kon's balls are
slapping against Tim's *pussy*, even --

It's too much, it's too *good*, and Tim's shaking even
more and rocking *back* on him, throwing his head back
and growling more, cursing more, wanting --

Wanting *this*, and it's the best thing in Kon's entire life,
even though it's the wrongest.

Maybe because it is.

And he's -- he's *moving* now, and every slap of his balls
is wet and loud and *obscene*, and Tim is so hot, so
fucking hot and tight and *good*, and he's reaching back,
scrabbling and scratching at Kon's hip with one hand while
he braces himself with the other --

"So -- so *hot*, Tim --"

And Tim collapses onto his elbow and *grunts*, and Kon
presses Tim's other hand against his hip --

"Is this -- oh God, do you want me to --"

"It's good, it's -- just -- don't -- don't *stop* --"

He won't, he *won't*, even though he wants to go so much
faster, so much -- "God, I want you, I want you so much --"

And Tim is rocking *back* on him again, off-rhythm and
terrible and perfect, and Kon has a moment to think that he
can't believe he hadn't come already, and then he *is*.

It's just that he can't *stop* fucking Tim, now, even though
it's uncomfortable. It's better to be this sensitive, this
*raw* and desperate.

It's better to be a fucking *mess* for this, because then at
least he maybe matches, a little, the way Tim can't quite
be perfect in this body.

And then Tim lets go of his hip and braces himself on both
hands and *works*, crying out every time his ass brushes
Kon's hips, every time Kon strokes over the muscle and
scars, just --

Loud and *hungry*, and this time when he comes it actually
*hurts* Kon, a little, and that's perfect, too.

It stops being perfect when Kon can make himself pull out,
but only for long enough for Tim to push up onto his knees
and *look* at him for a hot, confusing second -- there's
so much in his *eyes* -- before he pushes against Kon and --

Wraps his arms around Kon's chest.

"Uh..." Kon bites his lip and hugs Tim back.

"I also should've spent some time... studying the differences
between male and female orgasm patterning. Somehow, I
didn't predict this would be happening, though."

There's a laugh in Tim's voice, but it's not the best one
ever. "Are you okay?"

"I --" This laugh makes it out of his throat. "I think I could
come two or three more times. I'm not sure if that counts
as 'okay' or not."

"Oh. Oh... wow. Can I -- I could. Um."

"You could change me *back*, Kon. Christ, I'm *hugging*
you --"

"I -- uh --"

"I could make you angry. I could say --"

"You're hugging me because we just had *sex*, man. And
you -- you really got off on it. Like -- emotionally."

Tim sucks in a sharp breath, tensing up hard. Kon gears
himself up to let go, but... Tim exhales again. "Yes. That --

And it's something he has no *right* to, but it's -- God, it's
just so fucking *sweet*. Literally, even, and he's -- he's --

He can focus, just a little, and he *thinks* about it. Thinks
about the way Tim's only supposed to stumble when he
takes a bad hit, the way his armor is a second skin, the way
he can drop off a fifty-story building with just a line and
his own skills and land like a goddamned *cat* --

And it's not really -- anything. It's not, because there are no
breasts against his chest, anymore, and Tim actually
*sighs* with relief.

And Kon goes back to gearing himself up to let go, but all
Tim does is look up at him.

"Oh... damn."

And he raises an eyebrow -- how had he not even
*remotely* taken off the mask? How had Kon not

But the mask isn't the... problem.

"What is it, Kon?"

Perfect voice, *right* voice... coming right out of that
mouth. "Your. Uh. Your mouth. It's still. Kind of pouty."

Tim narrows his eyes.

"I mean. I'm just getting that it always is. You've got..."
And he can't really gesture, because that would mean
letting go, so he just kind of nods. "You've got a nice
mouth, man."

Even when it's all scrunched up tight like that. It's probably
why he hadn't noticed before, actually.

"I'm not saying I want you in *lipstick* or anything, but --"

Tim kisses him hard, and then not so hard and *wet*, and
yeah, Kon can absolutely shut the fuck up.

"God, you're hot." Except not.

"I've been periodically fucking myself up the ass while
masturbating for just about two years now, Kon."


"I haven't, however, been periodically fucking myself up the
vagina. Hence my... hesitation."

"Nngh. Uh."

And Tim smiles. "Let go."

"Are you... um. Sure?"

"Somehow, I find myself with a powerful urge to put my
uniform on and have it not be hideously painful. I can't
imagine why."

And Kon can... yeah. He can go with that.

"Sometime later, I'll undoubtedly take it off again," Tim
says, while adjusting his jock. "Just so you know."

He can definitely go with that.


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