Team Player
by Te
January 5, 2003

Fandom: Teen Titans (comics)

Disclaimers: Words cannot describe how much these guys aren't mine.

Spoilers: No.

Ratings Note: NC-17

Summary: Dick takes one for the team.

Author's Note: Jack and I were discussing Dick (surprised?), and this
is one of the more random bunnies that happened. The Spike
encouraged it.

Acknowledgments: To the Spike, Jack, Livia, and Weirdness Magnet
for audiencing.

Feedback: Yes, please.


By the time Dick got to his rooms in the Titans Tower, his eyes were
closed. This wasn't a problem in and of itself -- he'd made a point of
learning the layout by feel long since.

And, well, they were *his* rooms. They didn't change.

He made sure of that.

He stripped off boots and mask and tugged idly at the suit, but it was
too much of an effort even to try to *decide* whether he actually
wanted to take it off.

Long day. Long, long day.

He swallowed back a groan, grabbed blindly for the covers, and
mostly fell into bed.

Which was warm.

And... not empty.

"Um. Hi."

"... Wally?" He bit off the next few things to come to mind, because
they all boiled down "weren't you just in the den," and, really, Flash.

"Yeah. Uh. Yeah."

Dick forced an eye open.

Wally was blinking at him. Dick shifted, just a little. Yeah, naked.

"Is there something I should know?"

"Well..." The touch on Dick's stomach and chest wasn't light so
much as *fast*. "Uh."

"You said that already."

"See, here's the thing," Wally said.

Dick waited, dutifully.

Wally failed to say anything else.

Dick squeezed his eyes shut in frustration. His body wasted no time
telling him what a bad idea that was, but since it was also insisting
things like "warm" and "bed" and "bed" and --

"Are you asleep?"

Dick groaned. "Depends. Are you still naked in my bed?"

"Um. You know, I'm honestly not sure how to answer that


"Yeah, see..." The mattress shifted, and Dick opened his eyes to find
Wally looking off into the middle distance, gesturing...

You couldn't so much see his gestures as see his arms -- naked --
and the way they ended in pinkish blurs.

"I can't help but feel that there's a *right* answer to that question,
you know?"

Dick repressed a scowl manfully. And then gave up on repressing it
because Wally was still *naked*. In his bed. "Wally."

"I just want to say this isn't my fault."

Dick was sure that would make sense in a minute.

It didn't.

It continued to not do so. He decided to try again.


"See, the thing is, I'm not gay."

"You..." Every last response to that was just going to state the
obvious. When Dick was tired, it was difficult to remember that
doing that was actually *okay*, and not just a way to Bruce-bait.
He took a breath. "Okay."

Wally nodded and scratched at his -- still naked -- chest. "Yeah,
it's just, you know, you." A look so earnest that grandmothers
all over the world were probably spontaneously feeling the urge
to bake pies.



"Okay, see, Wally, I'm tired. Very, very tired."

"You probably don't feel like having sex, huh?"

This was... there was pain. Actual, physical pain. Right behind his
eyes. "Please start making sense now."


He *looked* at Wally. Gestured in what he hoped was a telling
way to the bed, and Wally being naked, and the universe as a

"*Oh*. Yeah. Well, it's just, you know, your ass."

Dick blinked.

"And you totally flirt. With everyone."

Okay, not the first time he'd been accused of it. Or of having a
nice ass. Still, there were stock answers for both of these things.
"Wally --"

"And then there's the stuff Roy has been saying."


"And Garth."


"And --"

Dick winced. "You can stop now."

"I'm just saying."

So the stock answers hadn't exactly worked in any way. Ever.
He'd forgotten that, somehow. He decided to blame exhaustion.

"I think it's cool that you're so open about this stuff, man."

"... open?"

"Yeah, I mean, everyone totally knows about your sexuality.
That's really brave."

Dick thought about pointing out that he'd never actually *come
out* -- the opposite, really. Further thought suggested that
could be a bad idea. Because, well, everybody *did* know.


He didn't have to ask. Asking would only encourage. Encouraging
would lead to trouble. Trouble... "Yes?"

"When did you decide to do the free love thing? Because I didn't
think Bruce was into that. Was he into that?"

Had Dick really thought he didn't have any room for new
nightmares? Scarecrow clearly just hadn't been trying.

"Was it while you were in college? The keggers *I* went to --"



Dick rolled over and pinned him. And stared.

Wally blinked.

Dick got a better grip on Wally's wrists.

Wally grinned. "So does this mean you're a top?"

Kissing him was self-defense, really. He had his sanity to think
about, and his physical health. If Wally didn't stop talking, he'd
*never* get to sleep.

Ergo, Dick just had to wear the guy out.


Also, he tasted like Smarties and Pepsi, and Dick had never
actually kissed anyone who tasted like that before, and also he
wriggled. A lot.

Dick broke the kiss with a wet sound, just so he could
concentrate on getting a better position and... yeah. Okay,
so Wally was leaking all over the crotch of Dick's uniform, but it
had been designed well. Hid a *lot* of sins, and Wally was
making noises, really *nice* noises.

Little surprised 'oh' noises and turned on 'nn' noises, and this
was probably why Dick always managed to forget that the
stock responses didn't actually work: if he remembered, he'd
have to come up with new ones, and they *might* have

And the truth was, Dick really liked sex.

"Oh *man*. I knew you'd know how to move. I mean,
even before Donna said --"

"You really need to shut up now."

"I can *totally* do that."

Except that he really couldn't, and Dick *knew* that, so he
applied himself to helping Wally out. Wally, being a genuinely
nice guy, returned the favor by helping Dick out of his
uniform, and skin to skin was better, *so* much better. The
suit was about as thin as he could get away with, but even

It *felt* like he could move a thousand times better, like the
air around them was waiting for the chance to help him twist
and writhe as much as Wally was.

Helpful, helpful Wally.

"So --"

"Shut up."

"But --"

Dick kissed him again, and that *also* helped, as did rolling
them over so that Wally got the chance to ride him a little. Wally
took to that not-at-all-surprisingly well, red hair curling and
darkening against his forehead and... other places.

And, really, that was just attractive.

And absolutely *inspiring* when Dick wrapped his fist around
both of their cocks and Wally threw his head back and *vibrated*.
Dick hadn't been in the *habit* of speculating about the sexual
traits and proclivities of his friends and acquaintances -- as
opposed to just investigating them for himself -- but he thinks
he should've guessed.

Popular with women *despite* super speed?

Dick grinned to himself and rocked, harder when Wally nearly
*fell* back onto his hands, body stretched out and shaking and
just fucking hot.


It sounded like a warning. He reached up and tweaked a small
pink nipple and... was really grateful he'd gotten the suit off.

*That* would've left a stain.

He rolled them over one more time, bracing himself up on his
knees and just... enjoyed himself.

All over Wally's sprawled, panting body.




Maybe he could buy a gag. Maybe Kory had left hers. Dick
checked the night table... no.

"I mean... wow."

Dick patted Wally on the head.

"Maybe I *am* gay."

"It's possible," he said, doing his best to look supportive.
Something like his best.

"Would I have to change my uniform?"

Don't ask. Don't ask. Don't -- "*What*?"

"Well, I mean. I'm *red*, but I'm not really flamboyant, you
know? You had that one uniform with, you know. Cleavage, and
then the one with the little wings --"



"I'm going to find other ways to make you shut up, now."


Dick sighed and crawled up over Wally's sticky chest.

Really, it wouldn't be the first time he'd gone without sleep.

Some things were more important than sleep. The good of
the team. Morale.