Te: You know what my happiest happy thought is?
Prop: What?
Te: A bare Robin ass in the air, Clark's hands framing it with loving worship, and
Clark's tongue *fucking* it with relentless joy.
Prop: oh GOD.
Prop: YES.
Te: And... man. I didn't EXPECT to go to the Clark/Steph place, but...
Te: Steph: *best. job. EVAR.*
Prop: ooooo.
Te: And she'd *think* about reminding Clark that she has, you know, a pussy,
*too*, but... yeah, whatever.
Prop: HEEEE.
Te: And anyway, it's not like Clark *forgot*. He just, you know, likes to make Robins
come THIS way *first*
Te: And then turn them over and pet them and lick them and smile at them with
hungry Clark *joy* until they put their legs on his shoulders.
Te: And mmmph. Steph would just be... not even *moaning*. Almost *crooning*.
Prop: EEEE.
Te: Because Clark wouldn't be able to *help* teasing a little, stroking Robin's clitoris
with the head of his dick, nudging and *stroking* when Robin bucked and yelled
and tossed her hair.

"Do you... do you like --"

"*Fuck*, yes, *Clark*!"

And it's the same thrill as always to be with someone, someone human in precisely
*this* way -- the scent of sweat, old and new --

"Oh -- *ohhh* --" '

The pound of a heartbeat, shockingly fast, shockingly *powerful* even in the
fragile cage of her chest --

"Oh fuck. Oh *fuck* that's so *good* --"

The sounds, the *words*. So raw and -- and *dirty*, and seemingly so much
more intense than the small motions he's making are worth. He wants so
much more, and he can't -- *can't* bring himself to stop pleasuring her this
way. Not until she --

Shrieks, brief and sharp, and tenses all over. Clark's vision zeroes in on the flex
and spasm of her vagina, and he can't do anything but moan.

But she... oh she, *pounces*, powerful and quick, pressing herself against
him, biting his jaw and *rubbing*, and --

"God, I just... *Superman*!"

Clark laughs at the *wonder* in her voice, and Robin smiles at him, wide and
cheerful. And reaches down to cup -- *grab* -- his penis. And digs in with
her *nails*. "Robin --"

"Like *that*?"

"Oh. Oh *yes* --"

And Robin *laughs* at him like (Dick. No, Jason --) he's making her the happiest
she's ever *been* and Clark can't *help* clutching her closer, squeezing her,
and this grin is a little sharp. She bites his lip and wriggles and -- "Hey, I can't get
a good angle this way!"

Good... angle. "I -- that's all right, I --"

"Mmm. Yeah, wait," and Steph *shoves* him and shifts and --

"Oh. Oh, *Robin* --"

Inside. So wet, so hot, so... he squeezes his eyes shut, but has to open them
again when Steph *growls*.

But she isn't -- *her* eyes are closed behind her mask, and her head's tossed
back and --

Oh, *riding* him, and Clark cups her hips and holds *on*, just to feel it. Feel
*her*. So... softer than Lois, and harder, *too*, and her lipstick is smudged but
her lips are swollen and red from biting --

"Robin, you're *beautiful*..."

"Unnh -- fuck -- *Clark* --"

And she *grinds* against him, making him wet, *marking* him, and he wants to
return the favor, but can only make himself suck *lightly* behind her ear.

"Clark -- oh -- Jesus, just --"

He squeezes her hips a little harder and feels her twist, feels her *fighting*, for
*more*, and he's.

He's not a man and he's not *human*, but it's too much not to lift her, not to
drag her back *down* on him and gasp when she --

"*Clark* --!"

Again. *Again* --

"Nnh -- *Fuck* -- *fuck* me, Superman!"

Yes, anything. Anything, but especially *this*. And she digs her fingers into his
shoulders and *looks* at him again, mouth open and eyes wide and so clear
and blue behind the mask that Clark has to do it faster, more, until every
thrust is shoving a groan out of her beautiful mouth.

Her soft and generous --

"I want your mouth," he blurts, helplessly, and watches her eyes widen even
more and *feels* her come around him. So *wet*.

Robin shudders, all over, and slumps -- but only for a moment.

And then she starts to *flex*.

"R-Robin --"

"I'm... mmph -- God, you can *feel* that?"

"Oh, *everything*," he whispers, and loses herself in her brilliant smile. So
sharp, so (Tim) *hard* and --

"Hey, Clark...?"

"*Yes* --"

"*Come* for me," she says.

And he does.



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