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Updated 29 January 2005

Amanda Sichter

The Third Time I Died [Lian Shen]
The choices we make... NR [Te-Bob says: Read it read it READ it]


Duty Calls: Lifelines
Set in the 'Duty Calls' universe from the 'X-Men Millennial Visions' book. Wolverine and Jubilee are
interplanetary peacekeepers. NR

Duty Calls: Death By Numbers (sequel to Lifelines)
A mission goes awry. NR


Hey [Jubilee and Monet]
Jubilee and Monet communicate. NR

Alex SisterWolf

Moonlight Lake
How to make two lovers out of friends... NC-17

Hold On [Jubilee and Monet]
Longing and memory. PG-13

Yearning (companion piece to Hold On)
Yearning and memory. PG-13

Tangled Up (part of the same series)
Jubilee reacts to Monet leaving. PG-13

Amanda Sichter

Remember, When Falling
Gravity effects the body and the mind in certain ways... something both Storm and Gambit
are very much aware of... as they fall. PG

Ana Lyssie Cotton

Sun Through The Leaves
Two sensualists take a break with the breeze. NR

Bela LeBeau

Journey [Bishop]
The Witness is charged with the task of taking two young children across what was once America. NR


Unknown [Dani]
A shared fear, and an overdue dance bring two lonely people closer together. NR


A Moment
Ororo and Xavier ponder the effects of a moment's indiscretion. PG

Cherry Ice

Burning White [Skin]
A beautifully written and melancholy holiday-themed Skin story, in which the young mutant wonders
whether he has a future with Generation X - or anywhere else. NR


The Chances Series
Five stories dealing with what happens between Storm and Wolverine in the wake
of Operation: Zero Tolerance. PG


Love Sponge
The Icicle and The Windrider on a bright winter's day. Inspired in part by the songs
"Love Sponge" and "Healing." R


Empty (Storm)
Everyone must pay a price for their dreams. What happens when that price is too high? PG

Jane St Clair

In the Absence [Rictor]
Domino does bedchecks. R

SomeoneWho's Turning [Rictor]
The boys watch TV. NC-17

Liquid [Rictor]
Shatty on the subject of water. R

Ric and Shatty in Mexico. NC-17


Bone and Blood
It's a Elseworld: the characters that get together in this fic are together because they exist
in this world and does not idicate who I think should get it on in canon. Also, This story is
majorly and beyond all excuses graphic in some places. I would not read this story myself
if it hadn't sprung nearly whole and irritating from my brow one night. Please do not read
this if violence and rape offend you, which they should. I'm a fan of shows like Law & Order
and Homocide so they have influenced this tale. While I have read Raven Adams fic, this is
in no way a rip-off of her story, my inspiration came from a completely different direction.
Another thing, I don't have it in for Jean or Xavier, but in the police world, profilers don't
get that much respect.

Karen Galarneault

You Only Live Twice: On Shaky Ground [Rictor]
A 'what if' story about Rictor's origins that takes Marvel canon ina whole new direction. NR

Where Angels Fear to Tread [Dani Moonstar]
Sort of a what if to fill in that pocket of time where Dani chose to remain in Asgard after the Asgardian Wars as one the Valkayries and her sudden reappearance as `reluctant'; member of the Mutant Liberation Front. PG-13

Quo Vadis [Rictor, Shard]
 The universe that Bishop hails from before we travelled through time and joined the X-men.  For this story, his sister Shard, is very much alive and well, but you know that never lasts. PG

Written in response to the (Let Them Think About It)  story challengeposted on Alternate Timelines.  References: events from issues #40 and#41. (NR)

Jockey to the Stars [Bishop/Deathbird]
After the X-Men venture into Shi'ar Space... (NR)


To Let the Thunder Roll
What I think happened a certain long-ago night in Japan. NR

Lightning and Yarn
A different perspective on "To Let the Thunder Roll." PG-13


The No Regresas Series [Skin]

The Door Will Lock Behind You
Angelo's looking for a change...

ABit of Naughty
Dealing with the teachers...

Found Out
How it all shakes down...

Al Anima Sola
Back in L.A., and, as usual, it's more trouble than it's worth...

Matt Nute

Excuses [Sunspot]
'Star helps his team mate get some rest. NR


Lightning Over Elk River Series
Storm and Cyclops are sent by Professor X to recover a potential new recruit: Dani Elk
River. R

Road Trip

Music City

Dreams, Visions, & Nightmares

Beasts, Men, & Mustangs


Smile Back
The coda piece to Lightning Over Elk River.  Alternating firstperson, Ororo and Scott,
regarding the complication of Henry, among other things.  Contains (a sensitive) discussion
of controversial topics. NR

Part I

Part II

Shades of Grey
After the Indian mission, Storm thinks. R

Niala Mason

Roses in December
Ororo and Charles discover something new among old friends. (G)

Poi Lass

This story explores the X-Men's reactions to a relationship betweenOroro and Bobby. NR

Red Monster

The Last To Leave [The Proudstars]
Johnny and Jimmy, history and observation. A much-needed look at the lives and deaths
of the Proudstars, weaving in and out of canon. NR

Samy Merchi

Who Dares Wins [Sunspot]
The new Upstarts, led by Roberto Da Costa, mount an overthrow of the Hellfire Club's
Inner Circle.


One of a Kind (Love Affair)
The year is 1945; the place, Waycross, Georgia. R

His Majesty and His Love
Alternate universe. Prince Robert Lloyd Augustine Drake of Liechtenstein unexpectedly falls for
Oxford University's silver-haired star center. "What harm can one little talk do?" Tons. PG-13

Xavier's Orphanage
Charles Francis Xavier runs an orphanage in upstate New York. R


Hand Jive
Shatterstar needs Ric's help. NC-17

Lindo y Casero (with Jane St Clair)
Safety first.  When riding a bike, wear a helmet.  When engaging in sex, wear a condom.
When watching TV, wear both. NC-17

'Star does some thinking. R

Caressing the Marble and Stone (with Jane St Clair)
And when Sam gets that feeling... NC-17

Bundling (with Jane St Clair)
Hiding out in the Great White North. NC-17

What IsAlready Known (with Jane St Clair)
'Star needs. That's novel enough to keep Ric still. NC-17

Absolute Beginners [Skin] (with Jane St Clair)
The boys hang out in the basement. NC-17

Perseus, Still [Skin] (with Jane St Clair)
Identity and home. NC-17


I Will Survive
Forge gets more than he bargains in going to see Ororo. (PG-13)

These Hands
Remy discovers more to himself through near tragedy, and therein, thewoman who has always been there. (PG-13)


One SingleIce Cube
What possible harm could a bubble bath and an ice cube bring the Cajun and the Goddess? (NC-17)


Loves Company
A conversation with Shatterstar leads to something Rictor never expected. R

Twisted Up (sequel to Loves Company)
Shatterstar struggles with his newfound emotions, while Rictor struggles with himself. PG-13

Training (sequel to Twisted Up)
Rictor is getting one hell of an education. NC-17

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