Lex who?

Updated 3 May 2007

Ash Jay

Make Me Happy
Clark, Pete and Chloe find new ways to feel the rush. NC-17


The Power of Positive Affirmation
Pete/Victoria. NR

Moose and Squirrel
Chloe's back home from her internship. PG


Super Bullet Sneeze
Pete is short, but he's good with marbles. G


Pieces ofa Dark Angel (OC)
Lex searches. NC-17

Paper (OC)
No finer parchment than skin. NC-17

Paris orVacuum Cleaner
Pete and Lana make friends the hard way. (PG)

A best friend has certain responsibilities. (PG-13)


Red Is A Primary Color
A day in the life of the Vice President.( R)

Possibly, Maybe
Chloe's wearing lipstick again. (R)

Canyons of Mercy
Clark is lost. Pete searches. (PG-13)

jacquez h. valentine

My Friend, the Gay Mutant Alien, by Pete Ross
I am Pete Ross, cool guy. This is my gay mutant alien friend, Clark. Welcome to my world(. PG)

There Are Four Lights
Four unrelated short-shorts with no redeeming value. NC-17

Jayne Leitch

Ignotum per Ignotius (Hamilton)
"An explanation that is obscurer than the thing to be explained."  PG

At theWire (Hamilton)
A 'Duplicity' coda. R


Almost to the End of the World
Every love story has an ending, too. Pete tells a story. PG-13


Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
An absolutely gorgeous look at Clark, life, and growing up, all through Pete's eyes. G


Sycamore Hills
Two reunited former classmates visited Smallville. A story from the AU Marmalade series. PG

Ariel slowly began to discover her past... A story from the AU Marmalade series. PG

Not on the Outside
Revealed secrets change the relationship of Ariel and Mabel with the Luthors... A story from the AU Marmalade series. PG

Verity Matthews

Trip (The Classic Atari Remix)
Pete's much too ordinary for this strange world. Takes place not long after 2.04-Red. PG


Nights Like This
It was a dark and stormy night. PG-13

Chicken Little Fingers
 Pete reaps the benefits of partying with the soccer crowd. PG-13

Olivia-Marie Carr

Playing Hooky
Chloe and Pete play hooky. NC-17


Clark, Pete and Chloe, up to something wicked. NC-17


Pacific Blue
He wants to be a cliche. R

Silvia Kundera

As It Ever Was
Pete knows how the story goes, and it doesn't go like this. PG


Something Ritual
It is not a good day. G


Pete is having that dream. R

Pete doesn't really have a plan. (sequel to Thick) NC-17

So who cares about the hero and his best girl, anyway? NC-17


Hey Pete (vid)
Pete needed a music video of his own. I mean did you *see* his pecsin "Shimmer"? Did you??? Then
you know exactly what I mean. I had fun trying to make everyone (including Clark) interested in our
favorite little ladies man! Music is "Hey Baby" by No Doubt.

Or Maybe Midgets
Clark and Pete learn the importance of being prepared. PG-13

There For Her
Pete wishes he could cross the line of friendship. NR


Bald Man and the Ice Princess
Pete's cousin comes to town and guess who knows her? Looks like she's
gonna turn Smallville -- and Lex's world -- upside down. PG-13

Five Things that Never Happened to Peter Ross
For a "major" character, a heck of a lot hasn't happened to Pete. PG-13


57 Channels (and Nothing's On)
All alone on a Saturday night. PG

Jumping the Gun
Tangible possibility. PG

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