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Kat Allison. God, what can you say about a brilliant, beautiful, *deep* woman who consistently breaks me right down to my component atoms? Run. Just. Run. Run away if you can't take the scourge of her fiction. Run to her if you need it the way I do.

Every once a while, you just have to cut the bullshit, and this story is an excellent way to do it. Methos on the road, and a beautifully ruthless glimpse into what makes the oldest man tick. 

What does it mean to be the oldest man?

What does it mean to love him?





There's something about the
short-short that I'll always love.
Maybe it's the deft touch it takes
to build a world in under three
thousand words, or the 
raw emotional punch you can
only achieve from the quickest

Maybe it's the way it separates
the men from the boys, as it
were, and shows the world
who the real writers are.

This story made me *feel*.

Like an orgasm from a knife.




Everyone has a First Slash Story.

Does everyone have a First Slash
Story That Blew My Head Off
And Put The Pieces Back Funny?

I suspect a lot of us do. Well, a 
lot of us who stayed around for
a few years and wound up
becoming fixtures, barnacle-like...

Well, anyway. Anna. Anna. Anna.

I never knew fiction could *be* like

I never knew what I'd been

I was, of course, never the same.

Starting with spending the next
few years earnestly striving to
*be* Anna... but that's
another story.

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