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Updated September 17, 2002





Ever read a story so incredibly good
that you want to yank it out of the
writer's hands right then and there
and share it with the world?

Yeah, this is the one.

Of course, this being Pares, she 
wouldn't let me. This being 
Pares, she insisted on editing it 
for *months* before letting it 
see the light of day.

I whined, I wheedled, I bitched, I
moaned. I fear the editing process,
ladies and gents. Because this story?
Perfect out of the box.

But you know something?

She somehow managed to make
gilding the lily seem like a *good*
thing. After all -- a gilded lily
lasts forever.




Sarah's yet another writer where I
had an honestly hard time
deciding *which* story I
wanted to pick for an award,
but in the end...

Who else would send Dawn on
a road trip with *Ethan*?

And does any Buffy fan
worth their salt need more
than that before rushing off
to read this? 

Well, fine. It's awesome.

Awesome. Funny, creepy,
scary, at turns warm and
genuinely tragic with the
kind of undercurrents that
remind you that, while one
of the principals is a child, 
*we're* not.

And we know everything
that's going on beneath
the surface. It's a 
beautifully done story,
and the ending is
a killer. Well done,




When Cesperanza hit the
scene I thought I was
done with Due South.

The fandom had been
particularly icky to my
eyes, and I'd found
 greener pastures, after
all. Still, her stories
were funny.

And hot. And damned
fucking good.

Better than just about
anything being written
*anywhere* else, in my

But it wasn't until I read
Chicago's Most Wanted
that I became her

"I'm saying it's a
Fraser plan! Diabolical
and nutritious!"

Jesus fucking Christ.

Funny. Absolutely in
character. Plotted to
perfection. And sex... 


The story is huge. It doesn't
matter. I've read it many,
many times. I think you
will, too. Jesus, Ces.

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