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See, this is why spoilers suck diseased
donkey dick. When this story came
out, I couldn't go *anywhere*
without hearing about certain
plot points.

Completely out of context, the 
plot points in question made the
story sound utterly gratuitous, and
so even though people I trusted
went on to rec Worms and
Epitaphs... I didn't read it.

And continued to not read it
for *years*.

And that *blows*, because this
story rocks beyond the telling of it.

It's horror, it's romance, it's the
best punk ghost story ever

It's funny and creepy and tragic
and, good god, *beautiful*.

Because isn't this the only way
it can *end* happily?

Rock on, Bas. ;-)




I love Bobby. People who know me well know that I love Bobby... perhaps a little more than is strictly healthy.

All this means that I'm both a voracious reader of Bobbyfic and a *picky* one. I read just about every Bobby story I can get my grubby little hands on -- and loathe just about every one of them.

Because if it's not perfect, I'm not happy.

This story? Perfection. Alestar *knows* Bobby, and captures exactly what makes him so fabulous. So -- dammit, I'm gonna say it -- beautiful. 

And does it all with style, grace, and Bobby-style humor. Read, love, and send Alestar tons of feedback, yes?





There's something truly gorgeous about an AU written by an author who both loves the characters *and* knows what she's doing. This story? An excellent example.

Jenn took the episode ("Hourglass") that launched a thousand typical angst-o-ramas and produced a vast and terribly beautiful mindfuck of a novel.

A story about love, and surrender, and the things we do to make the world a better place.

The primrose path has never been scarier. Folks, there's a reason I stalked Jenn night and day until she finished this. Read.


More to come.

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