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Due South


Stage 1: Spotlight(X-Files XO) - 9 Kb
Alex steps through.

Stage 2: Audience- 8 Kb
Fraser does some thinking.

Stage 3: Player- 8 Kb
Burning the Daily Planet to the ground.


Want 1: Wet- 11 Kb
Nobody benefits from a lot of pointless thinking.

Want 2: Wednesday- 22 Kb
It's Wednesday.

Want 3: Hold- 12 Kb
The day progresses.

Due South Standalones

Absence - 5 Kb
Open letter to Benny.

Alone - 6 Kb
Fraser does some thinking.

Best - 13 Kb
Fraser tries to protect Ray from himself.

Bitch - 10 Kb
Stella does some thinking.

Class - 13 Kb
Er... A day in the life of Ray Kowalski.

Conversion - 5 Kb
Turnbull does some thinking.

Golden - 9 Kb

Kahlua - 12 Kb
Ray makes a new friend.

Perfect - 16 Kb
One night in a hotel room.

Rayage - 5 Kb
A couple of Ray snips.

Score - 18 Kb
Fraser patches Ray up a bit after the events of Easy Money .

Simple Things - 7 Kb
Benny does some thinking.

Snare - 19 Kb
Thursday evening in Fraser's apartment.

Random, Pointless Snippets: Fraser - 6 Kb
Random, Pointless Snippets. Fraser.

Random, Paintless Snippets: Kowalski - 6 Kb
Random, Pointless Snippets. Kowalski.

Toy (with Kasha) - 24 Kb

Away - 20 Kb
Christmas, chez Kowalski.

Reach - 3 Kb
Holding on.

White Lily - 13 Kb
Fraser goes visiting.

Failure of Reason - 3 Kb

Just Like This - 3 Kb
Flashfic. Challenge: Makeup/Make up

The Journey - 4 Kb
Flashfic. Challenge: Hourglass story.

Once A Thief


Music - 25 Kb
Vic and Mac have a conversation.

Music II: Over My Head - 17 Kb
Reevaluating the relationship.

Music III: So Clear - 25 Kb
A night on assignment with Vic and Mac.

Music IV: Little Ones Who Stumble - 16 Kb
Discussion in the aftermath.

Music V: Somewhere In The Circle - 15 Kb
Mac's arm is better.

Music VI: Dancing Madly - 16 Kb
Morning with Vic and Mac.


Protection - 10 Kb
Mac does some thinking.

All Right - 7 Kb
Being there.

Apologies - 11 Kb
Thoughts, discussion....

Sports Night

Shower- 5 Kb
A morning after.

Friday Night - 20 Kb
Late night drive home.



Freedom - 10 Kb
A day in the life of Parker Barnes.

Color- 7 Kb
Change is a given.

Freedom Cover by Livia


All Through

Because (X-Men Movie) - 16 Kb
Marie doesn't need to do it.

I, my loving vigil keeping (X-Men Movie) - 13 Kb
Mystique watches her sleep when she can.

Marvelverse Standalones

Hand Jive (X-Force) - 10 Kb
Shatterstar needs Ric's help.

Event (X-Men Movie) - 9 Kb
Bobby, meet Hank.

Give (X-Men Movie) - 9 Kb
Rogue's growing up in her own way.

Pentacle Road (Comic/Movie) - 20 Kb
Five things that probably aren't true about Mystique.
Five points in time.

Pleasure (X2) - 12 Kb
Home, family, satisfaction.

Rhetoric (X2) - 17 Kb
"Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty
of observing in any given case the available means
of persuasion." -- Aristotle

Sugar and spice and... (X2) - 9 Kb
Revenge is a dish best served with cookies.

Change (X2) - 15 Kb
Mystique has to *see*.

Mnemosyne (X-Men) - 3 Kb
The embodiment of memory.

Sins (X2) - 15 Kb
It is already on his skin.

Flaw (X2) - 17 Kb
On knowing.

All he is (X2) - 17 Kb
Five things that probably won't happen to Kurt.

An Ephemeral Composition (X2) - 16 Kb
Past, present, future.

Aspects of Love (X2) - 33 Kb
See title. Call it five things that haven't happened to Kurt.

Like this (X-Men) - 11 Kb
Logan doesn't know what's going on.

The Look (X2) - 3 Kb
Bobby knows something is wrong.

Harry Potter

Blood and hair - 7 Kb
Harry's always on stage.

Homebodies - 7 Kb
It's not over.

Your green-eyed boy - 6 Kb
Between the motion and the act falls the shadow.

Quiet - 16 Kb
The life of a werewolf is, by necessity, a study
of control.

Unfocused - 5 Kb
Harry gets. Er. Ambushed.

The door - 17 Kb
Ron's spending a lot of time alone.

Satisfaction - 8 Kb
Harry has enough.
(written for yuletide)


Primrose Path- 4 Kb
A Canadian Shack.

The Job - 15 Kb
It's just a job.

In the details - 3 Kb
Zeke's trying to get a handle on things.

Well, OK, some Two-Shots, too.
You've come to the wrong place for
consistency, son.

Always (Hard Core Logo) - 10 Kb
Billy and Joe have a chat about things.

Method (Hard Core Logo) - 8 Kb
Two shots.

Today, Today (Island of Dr. Moreau)- 20 Kb
Montgomery acquires Edward Douglas.

Boogieman (Oz)- 5 Kb
Some general first season-ness here.

Party (Oz)- 11 Kb
Celebrate good times, come on...

The Take (The Usual Suspects)- 17 Kb
How they met.

Translation (The Usual Suspects) - 4 Kb
A Canadian Shack.

Little Wars (Diablo) - 32 Kb
Levels 1-8.

Shift (Third Watch) - 10 Kb
Faith and Boz talk about things.

Secrets (The Long Goodbye) - 6 Kb
Philip Marlowe does some thinking.

Rising (Highlander) - 13 Kb
Duncan, after Kat Allison's "The Parting Glass"

Am/Are (Highlander) - 8 Kb
On identity and time.

Consumption (Ravenous) - 4 Kb
A Canadian Shack.

Logos (Firefly) - 11 Kb
The naming of names.

Treacherous and sere (Spider-Man) - 9 Kb
And they marked not the night of the year...

Scenes of an Awkward Love (The Fast Show) - 5 Kb
Sir, Ted, Nub.

True Player (Fastlane) -13 Kb

That Thing (Fastlane) - 17 Kb
Fiiiiiiiire. Dun dun dun, dun dun dun. FIIIIIIIIRE.

This new thing, which consumes (Greek Myths) - 14 Kb
She is as she was made.
(written for yuletide)

Once upon a place (Wheel of Time) - 7 Kb
Nynaeve isn't a proper girl.
(written for yuletide)

Never stray, never break (Ultraviolet) - 6 Kb
Mike hasn't drunk enough for this.

Race Relations (Supreme Power) - 34 Kb
Mark doesn't spend much time doubting himself anymore.

Long way from home (Supreme Power) - 52 Kb
One of the things Stan never gets used to
is the way the ground changes colors beneath his feet.

Genesis (Carnivale) - 8 Kb
There were times when it hardly seemed possible that she'd ever
had another name.

Lost, behind (Supernatural) - 55 Kb
"I'm Bugs fucking Bunny. And you -- *you* are Elmer Fudd.
Only not."

Another road song (Supernatural) - 28 Kb
You don't give a loaded gun to the crazy, sort-of-
possessed person, and you don't let the not-crazy,
not-possessed, but totally and completely *not in control*
person *drive your car*.


Greater Sins (XF/Highlander)

Greater Sins I - 16 Kb
Methos runs across Alex Krycek.

Greater Sins II: Blasphemy - 39 Kb
Methos gets to actually meet Alex.

Gangland (XF/BtVS/Angel)

Gangland: Parole- 36 Kb
Alex Krycek has a plan

Gangland II: Gun- 9 Kb

Gangland III: Outside- 8 Kb
Come together.

The Good Ones (XF/Virtuosity) - 7 Kb
SID gets a new toy.

Thrift (with Pares, BtVS/Sentinel) - 36 Kb
Blair Sandburg comes to Sunnydale.

High Corn Drifter (BtVS/SV) - 70 Kb
Oz winds up in Smallville. Things get weird. And by weird
I mean smutty.
Cover by Annie

Whosoever Loveth And Maketh A Lie (SV/Brimstone) - 102 Kb
Another push.
Livia 1 :: Livia 2 :: Becky :: Craww :: Nancy

Human (Brimstone/X2) - 25 Kb
Like calls to like.

God Sneezed (Homicide/Oz) - 6 Kb
Tim has a type.

Showtime (BtVS/X2) - 19 Kb
A day at the circus.

The dancer from the dance (BtVS/Gormenghast) - 9 Kb
Ethan has new toys.
Cover One by Annie :: Cover Two by Annie

Unbound (X2/Highlander) - 11 Kb
Out of the water.

See also the Hutch for a Hellblazer/Buffy crossover and
an X-Man/Buffy crossover.


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