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Last updated May 7, 2004.

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Alive - 5 Kb
This mind, this body.

Feeling It - 7 Kb
Faith checks out the Sunnydale night life.

Over and Out - 6 Kb
Sheila requested Oz fic.

In Flight - 9 Kb
Drusilla seeks the ways.

Then He Did - 4 Kb
Ethan does some thinking.

Calendar Boy - 14 Kb
Ethan/Xander, sort of.

Care - 7 Kb
Xander does some thinking, damn me straight to hell.

Forget-me-not - 25 Kb
Drusilla has a moment of clarity.

Plastic - 8 Kb
Xander's having a slow day.

Brand New Thing - 17 Kb
Cordelia goes out and finds a possibility.

Compromises - 16 Kb
Willow goes looking for a way out of her head.

Continuum - 6 Kb
Giles... does some thinking.

Relax - 6 Kb
Xander does some thinking.

Unscathed - 11 Kb
Xander feels a trifle unfinished.

Pineapple - 6 Kb
I have no idea.

Under - 7 Kb
Ethan checks out the merchandise.

Zoo - 13 Kb
Xander gets a groupie.

Bananarama - 7 Kb
Because I was bored.

Lipstick Boy - 10 Kb
A night with Devon.

Random Hot Tub Fic - 15 Kb
Please see title.

Tell - 12 Kb
Angel muses on Xander.

Cantaloupe - 16 Kb
Xander buys a cantaloupe, Oz didn't go far.

Kisses - 12 Kb
Entry ramp blues.

Xanderslut - 84 Kb (With Spike and Debchan )
Xander has his mojo working.

Heat - 12 Kb
The trouble with humans...

Beach - 16 Kb (With Spike)
Spike and Xander hang out on the beach.

Cocoa - 12 Kb
Kitchen buddies mingle.

Loved - 12 Kb
Ethan remembers.

Road - 24 Kb
Giles hits the road.

Night Watch - 36 Kb (Webrain)
Xander's the insomniac, Spike's the hot cocoa.

Brass - 13 Kb
It's the 70s, and 3 Brits converge

Morning Warm - 10 Kb
3 mornings

Glamour - 75 Kb
Ethan casts a spell.

Swing - 7 Kb
Xander does some thinking.

Special - 17 Kb
Xander catches Riley in the act.

Xander - 3 Kb
Xander. Er... he does some thinking.

Strength - 15 Kb
Oz is looking for a new way.

Just As Foxy As Can Be - 14 Kb
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Pretty by _SuN_

Killing Will - 11 Kb
Snapshots of a slower death.
Covers by Meg

Xagnar the Vamnpyrre Sleigher and the Eye of Potatoe - 7 Kb
The Webrain jerks off.

Priceless - 6 Kb

Transfer (with Jane St Clair) - 48 Kb
What happens next.

Miss Finchley Bent Over (with Jessica Harris) - 12 Kb
See title.

Conversation - 9 Kb
Oz and Dev, hanging out.

Is - 11 Kb
Willow is moving on.

Warmth - 24 Kb
Xander and Willow have a conversation.

Expert Care - 16 Kb
Xander deals with his new houseguest.

Magic Mirror - 9 Kb
Andrew knows how it goes.

(Un)defined - 13 Kb
The definition of Spike.

Strings - 9 Kb
Spike takes a walk with the dead.

Sympathetic - 10 Kb
Spike appreciates his moments of clarity.

Clear - 13 Kb
 Wesley's transparent. Sort of.

Stuck in the middle - 5 Kb
Xander burns.

Crash - 10 Kb
Just another Saturday night.

Record - 68 Kb
Giles and history.

Times like these - 8 Kb
You gotta choose sides.

Legends of the Not Very Dark At All Knight - 9 Kb
In which the obsession goes. Too. Far.

Higher than soul can hope (with Branwyn) - 36 Kb
Watchers and Slayers.

On Faith - 3 Kb
Ethan and the Initiative.

And everything in its place - 10 Kb
Brave new world.

To rise above - 8 Kb
Buffy needs. She doesn't want to.
(written for Gilesficathon)

Post-Grad (S/X)

Cover (by Laura Shapiro)

Post-Grad I - 140 Kb
Life tends to change after high school.

Post-Grad II: On Holiday - 140 Kb
Xander and Spike go please see the title.

Snippet: Always More - 3 Kb
A little moment with Spike and Xander.

Snippet: Wave- 6 Kb

Bad For You (by The Spike, used with permission) - 23 Kb
Xander's been thinking about Spike's belt.

Snippet: Done - 6 Kb
Another graveside vignette, sorry...


Honest and Kind - 14 Kb
What I think happened after the episode Bad Girls.

Eulogy- 11 Kb
Faith does some thinking.

Epilogue- 8 Kb
It won't end.

One More Time- 5 Kb
Too little sleep, too much guilt, much too late.

Cry Out Loud- 12 Kb
Faith is trying to cope with her new life, finds a friend.

And Every Step - 26 Kb
Meanwhile, back at Rancho de Sunnydale...

Tribe Thing- 11 Kb
Redecoration, etc.

Memory- 11 Kb
Reunion time.

Summer Reading

Cover by Debchan . Finally. *Useless* Te.

Summer Reading I - 15 Kb
Giles and Xander bond.

Summer Reading II: Still - 19 Kb
Giles and Xander spend the day together.

Summer Reading III: Catching Up - 9 Kb
Xander hasn't left yet.

Summer Reading IV: Test - 6 Kb
Giles does some thinking.


Mix I - 26 Kb
Xander and Oz bond a little, with Devon's help.

Mix II: Try This At Home - 11 Kb
An afternoon in Oz's van.


Cicatrix - Really fucking big
What if Xander hadn't been able to revive Buffy?

Laura :: Livia :: Sheila :: Sandira

Cicatrices: Oz - 8 Kb

Cicatrices: Faith - 12 Kb

Cicatrices: Xander - 24 Kb

Cicatrices: Willow - 12 Kb
(recovered by the incomparable Zoe Rayne)



Debchan:: Craww :: Meg

Strays - 30 Kb
Sense memory/Memory sense

Strays II: Homing - 20 Kb
Xander is settling into things.

Strays III: Pack - 40 Kb (with Spike)
Xander's newish life continues apace.

Strays IV: Feeling I've Been - 32 Kb
Xander and Oz try to live.

Strays V: Wild - 30 Kb
Xander hits the road.

Strays V.V: Tomorrows - 11 Kb
Oz and Angel talk.

Strays V.VII: Migration - 4 Kb
A Canadian Shack


Wall - 32 Kb (With Debchan)
Xander needs some angry time.

Wall 2 - 32 Kb (With Spike and Debchan)
Ethan wants more.

Wall 3 - 36 Kb (With Spike and Debchan)
Inevitability and discoveries.
If I have to link my Webrain one more time I will kill someone.

Wall 4 - 20 Kb (With Spike and Debchan)
Xander does some thinking.

More Wall and general goodness here.


More fandoms than you can shake a stick at.

Improv Slash - 40 Kb (With Debchan and Spike)
Three words and inspiration

Improv II: The Revenge - 52 Kb (With Spike and Debchan)
And so on, and so on

Improv III: Bride of Improv - 40 Kb
And shoobie doobie doobie

Unpossessed Country


Desert Fruit

Core - 17 Kb
Oz and Xander in the desert.

Seed - 9 Kb
They're still in that motel room.


For the Anniversary of My Death

Every year without knowing it I have passed the day
When the last fires will wave to me
And the silence will set out
Tireless traveller Like the beam of a lightless star

Then I will no longer
Find myself in life as in a strange garment
Surprised at the earth
And the love of one woman
And the shamelessness of men
As today writing after three days of rain
Hearing the wren sing and the falling cease
And bowing not knowing to what

-- W.S. Merwin

Sheila:: Debchan

Fall - 8 Kb
Oz comes back for Giles.

Family - 11 Kb
Ground rules and boundaries.

Proscenium - 11 Kb
Daylight and twilight with vampires.

Synaptic - 12 Kb
Oz exists in the in-between.

Hail, Hail - 17Kb
The importance of a well-rounded education.

Bound - 17Kb


Five Bastardized Virtues: Xander - 23 Kb
Five things that aren't true about Xander.

Arise, little girl - 24 Kb
Five things that aren't true about Willow.

In their eyes: Drusilla - 32 Kb
Drusilla is observed.
Cover by Branwyn

One For

One for a sin offering - 22 Kb
Some years post-Chosen, Ethan and Willow meet again.

One for a burnt offering - 22 Kb
This is how it ends.


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