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Soap Series

A Day In The Life (with Alicia)- 13 Kb

As Sands Through An Hourglass (with Alicia) - 12 Kb

General Quantico (with Alicia) - 18 Kb
An unfortunate incident involving T&A, a bottle of Finlandia, Bobo III aka Sam the
Homosexual Slut Bear, and 12 (go ahead, count 'em) mystical trollkinds inadvertently ripped a
hole in the fabric of space-time, leaving our own reality wide open and heartwrenchingly
vulnerable to this exceedingly alternate universe.


Prologue- 29 Kb
What if someone decided bombs weren't enough?

Chapter One - 77 Kb
Another few days of Hell.

Promises- 8 Kb
An Aenima Vignette

A Love of Dead Things

Freeze- 3 Kb
The chase.

This Night - 16 Kb
Mulder goes looking for Alex, and is found by him.

Never So Alive - 11 Kb
Alex helps Mulder get used to a few things.

The Idea Of Forever - 23 Kb

And No Other - 13 Kb
Everything falls apart.

Evil Eye - 28 Kb
A night in the approximation of life.

Time - 12 Kb
No promises.

Taedium Vitae - 33 Kb
Mulder has a conversation.

For The Season - 5 Kb
A few Halloween vignettes.

A Love of Dead Things - Alternate Universe(s)

Glory Beyond Our Reach - 8 Kb
Getting what we want.

Snapshots- 12 Kb
A few glimpses of Alex's time with Anatoly.

Snapshots II: Alex - 8 Kb
A few more glimpses.

Snapshots III: Mulder - 9 Kb
A glimpse of things from Mulder's point of view.

Other Paths

Nameless(with Alicia) - 26 Kb
Walter needs a little more.

Distance and Possession (with Alicia) - 8 Kb
Walter needs a little more than that.

Interlude: Arrangements - 20 Kb
New boundaries.

I: Lucky Men - 30 Kb
Alex drops by to have a chat with Walter.

II: Liberty - 9 Kb

III: All of the Animals - 13 Kb
What we see, what we know.

IV: Home - 9 Kb
A little honesty.

V: Weapons - 9 Kb

VI: Harder To Hold - 21 Kb
Everybody does some thinking.

Break Time

Break Time I - 7 Kb
John needs a little something.

Break Time II: Smut - 13 Kb
John and Ringo go home to play.

Break Time III: Carsmut - 11 Kb
See title.

Break Time IV: Hair - 11 Kb
Langly needs a haircut.

Break Time V: Payback (with Pares) - 10 Kb
A party, a whoopsie, etc.

Afternoon Weirdness

A Dress- 2 Kb
Hurting and want.

So Minimal- 8 Kb
Alex Krycek drops by for a chat.

Shadowsweat- 6 Kb
Mulder does some thinking.

Makeup- 4 Kb

Soft Decline - 5 Kb
Mulder's needs a little time to decompress.

If You Knew My Infinite Charms - 4 Kb
Alex takes care of some business.

Six or Seven Steps Behind You - 8 Kb
Alex drops by for a visit.

Oh So Serious - 13 Kb
Alex didn't stay for breakfast.

Of Course- 4 Kb
A little self-awareness is a good thing.

Shameless- 13 Kb
Alex does a little something for Mulder.

Necessities- 6 Kb
Alex deals with a problem.

Again- 4 Kb
Oy! Again with the hurting...

Sunless Morning - 10 Kb
Mulder and Alex do some talking.

Hard Times - 5 Kb
Mulder muses on life.

Good Enough - 30 Kb
Another morning with Mulder and Krycek.

Seeing The Elephant - 11 Kb

Vase- 9 Kb
An interlude.

So Tired- 7 Kb
Yet another sign of the Decline and Fall of Slash Fan Fiction.

Ever After

Ever After - 25 Kb
Life after colonization.

Ever After II: Road Songs and Memory - 25 Kb
On the road with Walter and Alex.

Ever After III: Getting Free - 25 Kb
Lives get smaller, lives expand.

Ever After Interlude: A Moment's Superiority - 14 Kb
Walter does some thinking.

Shadows of Better Men

Shadows of Better Men - 12 Kb
Alex thinks about Mulder.

Shadows II: Unveiling - 11 Kb
Mulder wants to have a chat with Alex about a few things.

Shadows III: Decisions - 9 Kb
Alex does a little more thinking.

Shadows IV: Mad Drift - 11 Kb
Mulder... well, he does some thinking.

Shadows Variation: So Are You - 10 Kb
Alex tries to learn Mulder his philosophy.


Impulse - 18 Kb
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Impulse II: Taken - 16 Kb
And the rat came back, he just couldn't stay away...


Snows - 18 Kb
Alex does some thinking.

Snows II: Running - 11 Kb
Mulder has been dreaming.

Snows III: Beasts - 14 Kb
Mulder goes for a run.

Swedish Bedtime Stories

Swedish Bedtime Story (by A. Leigh-Anne Childe, used with permission) - 61 Kb

Swedish Bedtime Story II: On Waking - 39 K
Shaking those dreams.


Slinging Woo at the Slash Café (with Alicia) - 33 Kb
Check the title. There ya go.

Alex - 27 Kb
Alex drops by after RatB. Smut ensues.

The Slumber Party (with Viridian5) - 33 Kb
A night out with the boys.

Little League: A Slumber Party Vignette - 5 Kb
The boys take a turn for the perverse.

Challenges - 28 Kb
A book store, some beer, and a first time.

Faith - 18 Kb
Sometimes we all need a little help to wind down.

Friends - 16 Kb
Rutger Hauer, cinnamon floss, and a first time.

Birthdays(with Alicia) - 10 Kb
Mulder takes some time off.

Naughty Chair - 12 Kb
Alex pays a visit.

Mine, Yours - 22 Kb
Another night with Alex Krycek.

Asking For It - 4 Kb
A dream.

Candy - 3 Kb
Pretty Pretty Pares asked me about hard candy.

Flotsam - 3 Kb
The boys take a trip.

Partners - 5 Kb
A bit on inanity, with thanks to Alicia. For a lot of things, really.

Pout - 3 Kb
Yeah, so I accused Viridian of pouting one day and she asked me
how I *really* felt about it...

Strawberries - 3 Kb
Peek not through keyholes...

Morning - 6 Kb
A morning with Alex.

Character - 15 Kb
A conversation in an alley.

Presents(for the web designer ;) ) - 37 Kb
Alex drops by with a bag of goodies.

Lavender And Lye (with Dawn Pares) - 57 Kb
Mulder and Alex play a game.

Wanting Inspiration - 19 Kb
Mulder does some thinking, smut ensues.

Gifts - 15 Kb
Christmas schmoop.

Show (with Pares) - 17 Kb
Not enough masturbation stories in the world, so...

You Alone - 8 Kb
A few different mornings.

Here And Then - 12 Kb
Hot days and conversation.

Rat 'n Boots, An X-Files Fairy Tale - 27 Kb
Alex makes a few deals.

Dreams? Maybe - 17 Kb
Questions and answers.

Hands - 9 Kb
John does some thinking.

Lovers Of Today - 23 Kb
Late presents, answered needs...

Unfinished - 12 Kb
Scully does some thinking.

Trust - 177 Kb
Betrayal, ambition, love, death, etc.

Of An Evening- 3 Kb
What you get.

Small Hours (with Pares) - 64 Kb
Mulder, Krycek and longing in the dead of night.

Berries - 5 Kb
One more time.

Mulderslut - 36 Kb
A Mulderday.

Little Lost Fox 0: The Prequel
(with The Spike. linked with permission).
XF AU. A prequel to Little Lost Fox by A. Leigh Anne Childe,
which is to say it is X-Files characters in a somewhat Trek-ish universe.

Sunflowers and White Linen (With Debchan) - 12 Kb
Two views.

Love - 9 Kb
A possible interpretation of forever.

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