This is an experiment. I've resisted putting explicit pairing markers on my stories for
years now, and I still don't want to do that. However... I've reached the point where
*I* no longer remember which stories are which. So.

This page will serve as a sort of organization... thing.

Whether it will ever be *complete* is a whole 'nother story.

Pointless geekery note: Tim Drake is, of course, Robin *II* in toonverse, but for
the sake of convenience and my own sanity, I'm filing the toonverse stories
under the same pairing names as the comicverse ones. If a story takes place in
toonverse, it'll be marked with, well, (toonverse).

* = Updated April 10, 2006

Batman/Bruce Wayne Pairings
Batman/Green Lantern
Batman/Robin I
Batman/Robin II
Batman/Robin III
Batman/Lex Luthor
Batman/Harvey Dent
Batman/Crispus Allen
Batman/Wonder Woman

Robin I/Nightwing/Dick Grayson Pairings
Nightwing/Robin III
Robin I/Flash
Robin I/Robin III
Robin I/Superman
Nightwing/Robin II
Nightwing/Starfire/Robin II
Nightwing/Tarantula II

Robin II/Jason Todd Pairings
Robin II/Robin III
Red Hood/Robin III
Robin II/Various

Robin III/Tim Drake Pairings
Robin III/Superboy
Robin III/Flash
Robin III/Kid Flash
Robin III/Superboy/Kid Flash
Robin III/Robin IV
Robin III/Green Arrow II
Robin III/Justin Thomas
Robin III/Oracle
*Robin III/Various

Batgirl I/Oracle/Barbara Gordon Pairings
Batgirl I/Robin III
Oracle/Black Canary

Batgirl III/Cassandra Cain Pairings
Batgirl III/Onyx
Batgirl III/Robin III
Batgirl III/Robin IV

Flash/Wally West Pairings
Flash/Green Lantern
Flash/Martian Manhunter

Harley Quinn Pairings

Wonder Woman Pairings
Wonder Woman/Hawkgirl

Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onnz Pairings
Martian Manhunter/Superman

Wonder Girl/Cassandra Sandsmark Pairings
Wonder Girl/Arrowette
Wonder Girl/Robin II

Superman/Clark Kent Pairings
*Superman/Robin III
Superman/Robin IV

Grace Choi Pairings

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen Pairings
Green Arrow/Hal Jordan

Arsenal/Roy Harper Pairings
Arsenal/Black Canary
Arsenal/Green Arrow II

Static/Virgil Hawkins Pairings

John Constantine Pairings


Batman/Bruce Wayne Pairings


You Tonight Series (3 stories) (toonverse)

In, around, through (toonverse)

Little bits of truth (toonverse)

In these golden years

Batman/Flash (all toonverse):

Unanticipated Series (3 stories)

Looking Glass Life Series (3 stories)

And in this moment

Hours that were once all glory

Sing we joyous, all together

The limits of care

This fever, spreading

Batman/Green Lantern:

Power Lines (toonverse)

Batman/Robin I:







My all and every day (toon/comic crossover)


Maybe there are secret places

Batman/Robin II:

In the Shadows Series (3 stories)


So pure, so rare

As you and I go down

These moments, immortal

Flesh and blood like anyone (includes Bruce/Tim and Tim/OFC)

All so simple (pre-Crisis continuity)

A whip of cricket's bone

Batman/Robin III:

Know me broken (toonverse)

Counter Shading

Acceptable Risk

The air, you breathe

A mean arithmetic

Echoes hanging in the air

A pure addition out of nothingness(toon/comic mix)


Following smoke and remembering fire (also includes Batman/Robin II)

Fearless on my breath (toonverse)

Straight on 'til morning (toonverse)

Just waiting for fuel (toonverse)

But yet so irresistible

Another place to be (toonverse *and* comicsverse. simultaneously.) (also includes Nightwing/Robin III)

The Art of Losing

A little compromise

A boy like that (toonverse)

Something greater to catch (toonverse)

The Pathology of Attraction

Devotional Series (toonverse; 2 stories)

As if you are absent

The Fools Who Do Series (3 stories; also includes Nightwing/Robin III and Robin III/Robin IV)

Batman/Lex Luthor (toonverse):

Shadow of the Bat (also includes Bruce/Alfred and Bruce/Other)

Another life

Batman/Harvey Dent:

And All the King's Men (toon/comic mix)

The wise forget

Batman/Crispus Allen:

And when you do that

Batman/Wonder Woman:

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life... (toonverse, also includes Diana/Tim)


Grace, force, fascination

Even the wildest animals

If you can descend


Robin I/Nightwing/Dick Grayson Pairings

Nightwing/Robin III:

Natural Law Series (3 stories, also includes Nightwing/Robin III/Batman)

Control Series (2 stories, also includes Robin III/Superboy)

Form Series (2 stories, also includes Batman/Robin II)

Being and belonging


Bob and weave

Bite your lip

For to be a lover (toonverse)

And man, did he look

Marking Time

Small Movements

Naked as paper

Into that ocean

Outside and left

Robin I/Flash:

Team Player

Robin I/Robin III:

Waiting for you (also includes Nightwing/Robin III)

Robin I/Superman:

Your peace, suffused with sunlight


Dark turns and noise


Calm are their eyes

Nightwing/Robin II:

Someone you're not(also includes Batman/Robin II)

Or maybe just true

Nightwing/Starfire/Robin II:

Warm light on a winter's day

Nightwing/Tarantula II:

A Higher Law


Can't Stop Moving (includes Batman/Robin I, Starfire/Robin I, Nightwing/Robin II, Nightwing/Robin III, and Nightwing/Oracle)

The List (includes Superman/Robin I, Starfire/Robin I, Nightwing/Oracle, and a host of others)

Click here for Batman/Nightwing stories.


Robin II/Jason Todd Pairings

Robin II/Robin III:

The Drowners Series (3 stories, also includes Batman/Robin II and many other things.)

Bright enough to burn

All the affections (also includes Batman/Robin II)

Everything Spring Series (5 stories, also includes Dick/Tim/Jason and Bruce/Dick/Tim/Jason in riff stories)

Red Hood/Robin III:

[The Red and the Black] Series (7 stories, toonverse crossover.)

Robin II/Various:

The Angels You Need Series (16 stories, includes Bruce/Jason, Jason/Steph, Jason/Tim, Tim/Kon, Cass/Steph, and Clark/Jason)

Click here for Batman/Robin II and here for Nightwing/Robin II.


Robin III/Tim Drake Pairings

Robin III/Superboy:

Connection Series (4 stories)

Some Girls (and boys)

Black Sky Series (7 stories, also includes Batman/Superboy)

Crazy like this


A clarification of range

When I have lost my way (also includes Tim/Bernard)

And take me worlds away

Keep this feeling

U and Me

Just what you do to me

Come down breathless

Somebody's Fetish

Tremble to touch

Easy People Series (5 stories, also includes Superman/Robin III/Superboy and Superman/Robin III and Superman/Lois Lane)

Tactical Advantages (Good Bits)

Nothing seemed so bright

Robin III/Flash:

Other People's Problems (toonverse)

Click here for Nightwing/Robin III stories, and here for Batman/Robin III stories.

Robin III/Kid Flash:

Non-Disclosure Agreement Series (2 stories)

Dangerous to reason

Other smiles may make you fickle (also includes Wonder Girl/Superboy and... other stuff)

Beneath the bedrock of the mystery

Robin III/Superboy/Kid Flash:

Things You Get Used To

And sometimes discerned

Robin III/Robin IV:


CSA: Gotham Series (5 stories, also includes Owl-Man/Robin III)

Run, run, start again

Salt and Bread Series (3 stories, also includes Batman/Robin III)

Robin III/Green Arrow II:

Stop this day and night with me

Click here for Arsenal/Green Arrow II.

Robin III/Justin Thomas:

Two Plus Two (toonverse)

Robin III/Oracle:

Intimates series (nine stories, also includes Robin II/Robin III, Nightwing/Robin II, and Robin II/Batgirl II, and Robin II/Robin IV)

Click here for other Oracle pairings.

Robin III/Various:

Five Things That Aren't True About Tim Drake (includes Huntress/Robin III, Robin IV/Robin III, and Batgirl II/Robin III)

A distinct lack of context (includes Nightwing/Robin III, Batman/Robin III, Robin III/Superboy)

Love Is A Warm Tentacle (toonverse; includes Tim/OFC, Tim/Bruce)

Three Ways Assorted Tim Drakes Probably Won't Get Married (includes Nightwing/Robin III, Superman/Robin III [toonverse], Batman/Robin III)

Click here for more Clark/Tim.


Batgirl I/Oracle/Barbara Gordon Pairings

Batgirl I/Robin III:

Merciless Display Series (toonverse; 2 stories)


The places you're not

Oracle/Black Canary:

Make it rhyme

Click here for Batman/Oracle, and here for Robin III/Oracle.


Batgirl III/Cassandra Cain Pairings

Batgirl III/Onyx:


Batgirl III/Robin III:

Something that will not let go

Though awkwardly unnamed (also includes Batman/Robin III)

Batgirl III/Robin IV:

A distinct lack of context (also listed under Robin III/Various)


Flash/Wally West Pairings

Flash/Green Lantern (all toonverse):

Inside This Series (2 stories)

Silence and slow time




Getting Comfortable

Flash/Martian Manhunter (toonverse):

Desirous of everything

Click here for Batman/Flash, here for Robin I/Flash, and here for Robin III/Flash.


Harley Quinn Pairings


The Last Pantomime (toonverse)


Lullaby (toonverse)


And feel its total dark sublime


Wonder Woman/Diana Pairings

Wonder Woman/Hawkgirl (toonverse):

A self apart


Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onnz Pairings

Manhunter/Superman (toonverse):

Grace in a loveless time

Click here for Flash/Martian Manhunter.


Wonder Girl/Cassandra Sandsmark Pairings

Wonder Girl/Arrowette:

Even if unwilling

Wonder Girl/Robin II:

This time, for a little while

Superman Pairings


World In Your Hands

Superman/Robin III:

You'll Get Used To It In Time 'Series' (toonverse, four stories)

Not fare to die (toonverse)

When your soul embarks (toonverse)

Seek to hold (toonverse)

And never do prove true

Superman/Robin IV:

The Good Bits 4: That Robin Thing

Click here for Batman/Superman, here for Robin I/Superman, and here for Martian Manhunter/Superman.


Grace Choi Pairings



Harmonic Tremor


Green Arrow/Oliver Queen Pairings

Green Arrow/Hal Jordan:

And the sea rushes in


Arsenal/Roy Harper Pairings

Arsenal/Black Canary:

Let a minute unravel

Arsenal/Green Arrow II:

With a chance to make it good

Click here for Oracle/Arsenal.


Static/Virgil Hawkins Pairings


Pollen Shock! (toonverse)

In the mood to lose my way (toonverse, also includes Richie/Tim)


John Constantine Pairings


Ev'rything I've Got



Beneficial to the Public (toonverse, Batfamily ensemble)

Unforgotten (Cissie King-Jones)

Like I'm slipping (toonverse; Tim)

And if you think that you know (Dick, Tim)

Hold Your Breath Series (3 stories; Jason, Bruce, Tim)

To overlook the circle vast (Tim, Helena, Alfred)

As for all gifts (Cassandra Sandsmark, Cissie King-Jones)

This place, this prayer (toonverse; Bruce, Tim, Barbara, Dick -- slash in other stories in this series)

Far beyond the visible (Bruce, Dick)

Doubt and Awakening (Tim, Shiva)

My daytime eyes (Carrie Kelley)

Remain Unbowed (toonverse; Diana)

The Company of the Like-Minded (toonverse; Clark, Tim)

Flares sent out from shore (Tim, Bruce, Jack Drake, Dana Drake, Barbara -- slash and het in the rest of the stories in this series)

My wings are enough (toonverse; Clark, Tim)

They weep not nor regret (toonverse; Bruce, Dick)

The Captain (Bruce, Jason, Dick)

The hesitation of spring (Cass, Bruce, Tim, Steph)

Sons of Harmony (Jason, Tim)

More toonverse gen snippets available here. More comicsverse gen snippets available here. (character names separated by commas, rather than '/' marks)