Vision Thing
Chloe Now!
Past Grief

Page updated July 24, 2003.

Indicates the new stuff.

The Project
Cover by Chelsea

Project I - 5Kb
Lex does some thinking.

Project II: The Plan - 32 Kb
Lex is an adaptable sort.

Project III: Understand - 17 Kb
Clark needs an escape hatch.

Project IV: Control - 19 Kb
Clark has a problem.

Project V: Regroup - 18 Kb
Lex and Clark try to put things in order.

Project VI: Push - 23 Kb
Lex takes a new tack.

Project VII : Fist - 52 Kb
Working it out.

Vision Thing
Cover by Livia :: Cover by Penelope_Z

See This - 60 Kb
Lex goes looking for something he's not going to get.

Don't Look - 19 Kb
Bruce does some thinking.

Learn Braille - 68 Kb
Lex goes on a social call.

Chloe Now!

Jilling - 16 Kb
Wankfic: Not just for the boys anymore.
Cover by Hope

Inhale - 32 Kb
Clark wishes he had a nice head cold, then changes his mind about that.
Cover by Isilya


Thick - 8 Kb
Pete is having that dream.

Underneath - 31 Kb
Pete doesn't really have a plan.

Past Grief

Past Grief - 147 Kb
Everything changes.
Cover by Livia

Past Grief: Renewal - 14 Kb
'til death do us part.

Past Grief: The Wrong One - 11 Kb
There are always consequences.


Unruhe - 47 Kb
Clark used to believe.

Glaube - 34 Kb
They need to hash a few things out.

Erleuchtung - 37 Kb
See this.

Smallville Standalones

Benediction - 79 Kb
Cover by Jenn

A Great Passion - 8 Kb
Lex puts himself back together.

Subtext - 61 Kb
Clark takes Lex to a movie.
Cover by Slodwick

They Blush, Too (With Caroline Baker) - 39 Kb
Smut. Yep, smut.

Champagne Wishes - 30 Kb
Lex does some celebrating in his own special way.

Apologia- 52 Kb
Clark wants to apologize. Lex wants more.

Kids' Game - 65 Kb
Games people play...

Piece of the Action - 64 Kb
Well, wouldn't *you*?
Cover by Jane St Clair

This Part - 7 Kb
Random smut.

Sleeper - 26 Kb
"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't."

The Touch - 20 Kb
Clark's confused. Lex doesn't know how to help.

I Was A Kryptonian's Sex Slave - 21 Kb
Clark is making some decisions about Lex.

Sweet - 31 Kb
The *oddest* things can feel good at times.
Cover by Slodwick

Chupa Chup - 19 Kb
What do you do with a drunken Lex?

Closer - 42 Kb
Lex needs. Clark needs.

Sweat - 39 Kb
Lex is working out. Clark asks too many questions.

The Red and the Black - 35 Kb
Lex forgot that thing about trusting no one.

Deep Throat - 25 Kb
Clark's got it all worked out. Really.

Mystery - 33 Kb
In which there is chit-chat, fluff, and smut.

King of the Gray Spaces - 19 Kb
Lex doesn't ask if Clark's ready.

What I Do Is Me-For That I Came (With Jenn) - 52 Kb
Clark wants Lex to explain some of his more eccentric sartorial
choices. In detail.
Cover by Slodwick

Sidekicks - 19 Kb
So who cares about the hero and his best girl, anyway?

Vanishing Point - 9 Kb
Lex is. Clark is. They are.

The Laugh of the Stars - 26 Kb
Clark's searching for meaning.
Cover by Penelope_Z

SHIFT.perspective - 33 Kb
Chloe, Clark, Lex, brattiness, and porn.
Cover by Slodwick

Freud - 36 Kb
Clark's figuring some things out.
Cover by Isilya

Wham Bam - 9 Kb
Five smutlets.

Flirt - 16 Kb
Um. It's a PWP.

Float - 15 Kb
Self-image and expression.

Five Things That Already Happened In Other Fic - 48 Kb
Cliches are fun!

Random goodies:

Lex, Hope, and Mercy, by Livia

Clark and Lex, by Jenn

Clexiness, by Jessamine


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